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Debates on U.S. Health Care

Debates on U.S. Health Care

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September 2012 | 592 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This issues-based reference work (available in both print and electronic formats) shines a spotlight on health-care policy and practice in the United States.

Impassioned debates about the best solutions to health care in America have perennially erupted among politicians, scholars of public policy, medical professionals, and the general public. The fight over the Health Care Reform Act of 2009 brought to light a multitude of fears, challenges, obstacles, and passions that often had the effect of complicating rather than clarifying the debate. The discourse has never been more heated. The complex issues that animate the health-care debate have forced the American public to grapple with the exigencies of the present system with regard to economic, fiscal, and monetary policy, especially as they relate to philosophical, often ideologically driven approaches to the problem. American have also had to examine their ideas about the relationship of the individual to and interaction with the state and the varied social and cultural beliefs about what an American solution to the problem of health care looks like. In light of the need to keep students, researchers, and other interested readers informed and up-to-date on the issues surrounding health care in the U.S., this volume uses introductory essays followed by pointunterpoint articles to explore prominent and perennially important debates, providing readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue.

Philosophical, Political, and Legal Debates Introduction
Foundational Debates
Moral Significance of Health Care
Health Care and Human Health
Health Care as a Human Right
Individual Responsibility for Health
The Role of the Market in Health Care
Racial Disparities in Health Status and Accessing Health Care
Single-Payer Health Care System
Health Care Reform Debates
Public Opinion and Health Care Reform
States' Rights and Health Care Reform
Liberty and the Individual Mandate
Federal Authority Over the Individual Mandate
Underserved Communities and Health Care Reform
Abortion and Reproductive Health Services
Reforming Medical Malpractice Liability
Economic and Fiscal Debates Introduction
Expanding Coverage
Individual Mandate
Insurance Regulation
Insurance Exchanges
Employer Mandate
Paying for Reform and Bending the Cost Curve
Deficit Reduction
Tax Treatment of Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
Taxing High-Cost (Cadillac) Plans
Price Transparency
Accountable Care Organizations
Independent Payments Advisory Board
Medicare Negotiation of Drug Pricing
Medicaid Program Flexibility
Quality Debates Introduction
Providers and Quality
Primary Care
Nurse Practitioners and Physicians' Assistants
Female Physicians
Ethnic Background of Physicians and Patients
Home Care
Treatment Methods and Quality
Centralized Versus Decentralized Control
Comparative Effectiveness Research
Information Technology Adoption
Cost and Quality
Medicare Benefit Cuts
High-Deductible Health Insurance Plans

Debates on U.S. Healthcare would be a valuable addition to public libraries and academic libraries. It would benefit students, researchers, voters, and anyone else interested in gaining a better understanding of health-care reform in the U.S.

would be a valuable addition to public libraries and academic libraries. It would benefit students, researchers, voters, and anyone else interested in gaining a better understanding of health-care reform in the U.S.


It focuses less on policy, which may become dated, and more on the philosophies behind the health care debate. It would be an excellent addition to any library serving an undergraduate population.


Will be of interest to public, special, and academic libraries interested in health care reform, including those with a focus on medical economics, ethics, and social services.

Laurie Selwyn
Library Journal

Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, PhD

Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld is a professor in the Sociology Program in the School of Social and Family Dynamics, Arizona State University. Her research areas are medical sociology and aging and the life course with a special focus on health policy, health care utilization, and health behavior. She has recently published Medicare by Greenwood Press (2011) and serves as the editor of the research annual Research in the Sociology of Health and Health Care published each year by Emerald Press. She is co-editor of Health and Associate Editor In Chief of American Journal of Health Promotion. Her current research interests in addition to health... More About Author

Wendy E. Parmet

Wendy E. Parmet is George J. and Kathleen Waters Matthews Distinguished Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs at Northeastern University School of Law, where she is also Director of the Program on Health Policy and Law. She is the author of Populations, Public Health, and the Law, published by Georgetown University Press in 2009 and with Professor Patricia Illingworth, Ethical Health Care, published by Prentice Hall in 2005, as well as numerous articles in medical, legal, and public policy journals on public health law, health care access, bioethics, and disability law. Professor Parmet has served as counsel on several... More About Author

Mark A. Zezza

Mark A. Zezza, PhD, currently works at the Commonwealth Fund as a Senior Policy Analyst. His main issues of interest relate to payment and delivery system reform, with a focus on the development of accountable care organizations. Dr. Zezza joined the Commonwealth Fund from the Engelberg Center for Healthcare Reform at the Brookings Institution, where he managed projects evaluating and providing implementation support to health-reform initiatives on accountability payment models, health information technology, and quality measurements. Prior to Brookings, Dr. Zezza was Associate Director at the Lewin Group, working as a member of the State... More About Author

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