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Dataproof Your School

Dataproof Your School
How to use assessment data effectively

January 2022 | 192 pages | Corwin UK

Collecting and analysing data to monitor and challenge school standards is an increasingly important – and unavoidable – aspect of our education system. But how do we ensure we are generating useful information to support learning and make informed decisions, and not needlessly ramping up workload?

This book will guide you through the different types of data schools can, and should, generate; how to make the best use of it, and what to avoid. From standardised tests and teacher assessment, to managing data and developing a data strategy, this book will equip you with the tools you need to dataproof your school.

Richard Selfridge is a primary school teacher, data consultant and writer on education
James Pembroke is a data analyst, blogger and consultant with 15 year’s experience working with education data. He now works for Insight Tracking.

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Using Data in School
Chapter 2: A Licence to Change
Chapter 3: Generating and Collating High Quality Data
Chapter 4: Standardised Tests
Chapter 5: Teacher Assessment
Chapter 6: Outliers
Chapter 7: Tracking Systems
Chapter 8: Developing a Data Strategy
Chapter 9: Dataproofing in Action

Richard Selfridge

Richard Selfridge is a primary school teacher, data consultant and writer on education. His 2018 book for Sage Publications, Databusting for Schools, is an essential guide to the use and interpretation of education data. As well as teaching, working with schools on their use of education data and writing about education, Richard works as a consultant for the Driver Youth Trust supporting inclusion for literacy. A passionate advocate of sensible use of data in schools, Richard was part of ASCL’s primary assessment expert panel alongside James, which indirectly lead to James and Richard working together as the Databusters, running workshops... More About Author

James Pembroke

James Pembroke has 15 years’ experience of working with education data, including five years working as a data analyst in a local authority school improvement team. He set up the Sig+ consultancy in 2014 to help schools across the country make sense of their data and has been tweeting, blogging, and talking on the subject ever since. James has worked with many organisations - notably as a member of ASCL’s primary assessment expert panel and the Department for Education’s Reception Baseline Stakeholder Group - and has spoken at numerous national conferences including the legendary Learning First events. He joined the team at Insight in 2018... More About Author

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