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Customer-Driven Services Management

Customer-Driven Services Management

Second Edition

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July 2004 | 316 pages | SAGE Response
Intense competition in the rapidly growing global market has given rise to a need for superiority in services. Indian customers now demand world-class quality and efficiency, and companies that can provide this consistently will gain competitive advantage. The growing service industry forms a significant part of India's economy, on its own and as a support to the manufacturing industry.

This Second Edition has been substantially revised keeping in view the continued demand and requirement for excellence in services management. In addition to presenting the concepts within which innovative processes and practices can develop, the author also discusses the new technologies, products and applications that have emerged. The appeal of the book lies in the way the author has integrated the various dimensions of services management, including people management, quality, relationship marketing, strategies for growth and managing information in the knowledge economy.

It is invaluable to professionals of all service businesses and to students of services management, general management and services marketing.

Services Today
The Distinguishing Characteristics
Developing the Service Product
Knowing the Customer
Marketing of Services
Attaining High Quality
Realising People Potential
Strategies for Growth
Managing Information
Some Select Service Industries

S Balachandran

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ISBN: 9780761932550