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Culture and Economy After the Cultural Turn

Culture and Economy After the Cultural Turn

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Cultural Theory | Social Theory

October 1999 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Traditionally social science treated culture as a peripheral issue, but the last 20 years have witnessed a cultural turn throughout the social sciences. Culture is now at the core of debate.

Culture and Economy After the Cultural Turn examines the impact of the cultural turn for the social sciences in relation to the decline of interest in economic aspects of society. It presents a number of responses to the changing relationship between culture and economy, and to the in which the cultural turn has sought to understand it. Contributors from a wide range of disciplines present differing views oon these matters in relation to issues of political sensibilities and movements, equality and recognition, `cultural management', class, ethnicity and gender, and cultural values.

This challenging book provides a clear and accessible account of what the cultural turn means. It will be recommended reading for students of cultural studies, sociology, political economy, politics and organization studies. 

Larry Ray and Andrew Sayer
Nancy Fraser
Social Justice in the Age of Identity Politics
Redistribution, Recognition and Participation

Andrew Sayer
Valuing Culture and Economy
John O'Neill
Economy, Equality and Recognition
Russell Keat
Market Boundaries and the Commodification of Culture
Harriet Bradley and Steve Fenton
Reconciling Culture and Economy
Ways Forward in the Analysis of Gender and Ethnicity

Nigel Thrift
Capitalism's Cultural Turn
Paul Thompson and Patricia Findlay
Changing the People
Social Engineering in the Contemporary Workplace

Larry Ray
Social Differentiation, Transgression and the Politics of Irony
Bronislaw Szerszynski
Performing Politics
The Dramatics of Environmental Protest

Mary Evans
The Culture Did It
Comments on the 1997 British General Election

Stephen Driver and Luke Martell
New Labour
Culture and Economy


Larry Ray

I joined the University of Kent in 1998. Before that I was in the Department of Sociology at Lancaster University. In 1996, I was visiting scholar, Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand. At Kent I was Head of the Department of Sociology and then SSPSSR between 1999-2001, and Sub-Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences between 2009-11. I am currently Director of Research for SSPSSR. More About Author

Andrew Sayer

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