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Culture and Citizenship

Culture and Citizenship

First Edition
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Political Theory & Thought

October 2000 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
"Culture" and "citizenship" are two of the most hotly contested concepts in the social sciences. What are the relationships between them? This book explores the issues of inclusion and exclusion, the market and policy, rights and responsibilities, and the definitions of citizens and non-citizens. Substantive topics investigated in the various chapters include: cultural democracy; intersubjectivity and the unconscious; globalization and the nation state; European citizenship; and the discourses on cultural policy.
Nick Stevenson
Culture and Citizenship
An Introduction

Bryan S Turner
Outline of a General Theory of Cultural Citizenship
Nick Crossley
Citizenship, Intersubjectivity and the Lifeworld
Anthony Elliott
The Reinvention of Citizenship
Stephen Frosh
Psychoanalysis, Identity and Citizenship
Maurice Roche
Citizenship, Popular Culture and Europe
Jude Bloomfield and Franco Bianchini
Cultural Citizenship and Urban Governance in Western Europe
Jim McGuigan
Three Discourses of Cultural Policy
Anna Yeatman
Feminism and Citizenship
Diane Richardson
Extending Citizenship
Cultural Citizenship and Sexuality

Deborah Marks
Disability and Cultural Citizenship
Exclusion, `Integration' and Resistance

Shane Blackman and Alan France
Youth Marginality under `Postmodernism'
John Solomos
Race, Multiculturalism and Difference

`Stevenson's exciting collection takes the issue of cultural citizenship far beyond the liberal concerns with tolerance, diversity, social rights and obligations. The attainment of such citizenship, the author's argue, is conditional on positive cultural democratization, that is, the availability of cultural resources (semiotic and material) essential for meaningful and critical life, as well as the public institutions protecting us "from the excesses of the free market". Both are considered within the context of the IT revolution ("electronic democracy"), new social movements (especially feminist), and identity formation. The volume, especially the contributions by Turner, Crossley, Elliott, Yeatman and Frosh, demonstrates the vitality of theoretical reflection linking citizenship, culture and democracy' - Jan Pakulski, University of Tasmania

Nicholas Stevenson

I finished my PhD in SPS at Cambridge University in 1991 on links between the New Left and questions of culture, ideology and politics. Between 1991 and 2001 I worked as a lecturer in the Department of Sociological Studies at Sheffield University. During that time I published Culture, Ideology and Socialism (1995), Understanding Media Cultures (1995), The Transformation of the Media (1999), Making Sense of Men's Lifestyle Magazines (2001) and an edited collection Culture and Citizenship (2001).I was appointed Senior Lecturer in Sociology in Nottingham in 2001. I have also published Cultural Citizenship (2003) and David Bowie: Fame, Sound... More About Author

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