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Crossroads of Culture

Crossroads of Culture
A Study in the Culture of Transience

First Edition
  • Pulin K Garg - Indian Society for Individual and Social Development, Ahmedabad
  • Indira J Parikh - Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India

July 1995 | 224 pages | SAGE India
"A valuable book overall." --Indian Review of Books "A highly commendable sociological treatise on the transcient culture of Indian people who grew up in the eighth and ninth decades of the century." --Praachi Journal of Psycho-Cultural Dimensions "This is a serious, well thought-out book. The authors are competent mature and committed scholars. They have worked hard with meticulous attention to the detailed facts. Their insights are valuable. A lot of material has been compressed in a small amount of space."
Reliving Indian Reality
The Emotive Maps from the Agrarian Ethos

Reliving Indian Reality
The Cognitive Maps from the European Ethos

The Two Competing Ethos
Emergence of the Culture of Transience

The Ethos of Technology
The Nature of Indian Anachronism

Beyond the Two Cultures
Some Alternatives


Pulin K Garg

Indira J Parikh

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ISBN: 9780803992351