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Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement for Social Work

Critical Thinking and Professional Judgement for Social Work

Third Edition

96 pages | Learning Matters
Critical thinking as a process can appear formal and academic, and far-removed from the everyday practitioner experience. This new edition enables post-qualifying students to develop their analytical skills in line with their everyday experiences. By placing emphasis on professional judgement, communication and critical reflection, the book challenges the view that theory and critical awareness are the preserve of the classroom. This edition is fully-updated to include guidance for social workers following the Munro Review.
Who is this handbook for?
Critical thinking
Professional judgement
Using knowledge in practice
Critical reflection
Writing reflective academic assignments
Developing critical practice
Continuing learning – a critical approach
Appendix - Harvard Referencing


Mrs Jane Scutt
Social Work, Sunderland University
February 23, 2015

To British to be among main books in the Swedish courses I give.

Mr Hans Knutagård
Department of Health Sciences, Kristianstad University
February 10, 2014

A useful background text for post qualifying students

Mr Abyd Quinn Aziz
School of Social Sciences, Cardiff University
February 5, 2014

critical thinking and judgement is crucial when dealing with risk and supporting individuals to live their life. This book is full of good examples and also with knowledge how to learn to be critical thinker.

Faculty of Media, Arts & Society, Southampton Solent University
December 27, 2013

A useful companion guide to practcie placements

Ms Karen Hillison
Department of Social Work, Hull University
December 10, 2013

Useful introduction to the subject area and accessible to practitioners of varying levels.

Mr Tim Odell
Dept of Health,Wellbeing & the family, Canterbury Christ Church University
June 24, 2013

It serves well as a supplemental textbook and a complement to a textbook on different perspectives on social work on social work

Dr Francesca Ostberg
Dept of Social Work, Stockholm University
May 20, 2013

A useful book that enables the student to learn build on the notion of the theory practice relationship.

Mrs Carol Pollard
Health and Social Sciences, Bolton University
March 26, 2013

An excellent third year text to engage in a complex issue so essential for social work practice at a newly qualified practicelevel and beyond. Also a useful text recommended to partner agencies to support their ongoing support of newly qualified social workers.

Mrs Kay Wall
Social Work Office (Redditch), North East Worcestershire College
December 14, 2012

The push to improve social workers writing, thinking and decision making means this update is timely, it is a shame that it still refers to the key roles which will limit its shelf life, but still needed

Ms Merle Fletcher
Health, Community & Social Care, Bradford College
December 11, 2012

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Lynne Rutter

Lynne specialises in professional educational development within post-qualifying (PQ) and continuing professional development (CPD) programmes at the National Centre for Post Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University. Here she has helped design and develop a number of units for both health and social care markets. She facilitates learning about critical thinking, professional reasoning and judgement, evidencing professional learning, leading and enabling others, and service improvement methodology. Lynne’s professional and research interests focus on the nature and development of professional reasoning and... More About Author

Keith Brown

Keith holds professional qualifications in nursing, social work and teaching; and academic qualifications in nursing, social work and management. He has worked in the education and training field for over 30 years, working for three universities and three local authority social work departments. Currently he is the Director of the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University and the Director of the Centre for Leadership Impact and Management at Bournemouth. In 2005 he was awarded the Linda Ammon Memorial Award, sponsored by the then Department for Education and Skills, a prize awarded... More About Author

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