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Critical Social Psychology

Critical Social Psychology

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Recent work in social psychology has questioned the assumptions and practices of traditional research and debate in the field. Critical Social Psychology pulls these new strands together in a major overview of key theoretical, political, and empirical developments. The book assembles leading figures in the field to address both the need for a critical perspective in social psychology and the many strands of discussion that have informed that critique. The chapters are accessible and passionately argued, ranging over political critique in a postmodern world, the status of qualitative methods, realism versus relativism, and the question of subjectivity from a critical perspective. Critical Social Psychology offers a fascinating tour of debates that are shaping the field today by its leading exponents. It will be essential reading for students and academics in social psychology.
Russell Spears
Tom[ac]as Ib[ac]a[ti]nez
Why a Critical Social Psychology?
Rex Stainton Rogers and Wendy Stainton Rogers
Going Critical?
Jonathan Potter
Discourse and Critical Social Psychology
Wendy Stainton Rogers and Rex Stainton Rogers
Does Critical Social Psychology Mean the End of the World?
Stephen Reicher
Laying the Ground for a Common Critical Psychology
Martin Roiser
Postmodernism, Postmodernity and Social Psychology
Susan Condor
And So Say All of Us? Some Thoughts on `Experiential Democratization' as an Aim for Critical Social Psychologists
Lupicinio [ac]I[ti]niguez
Discourses, Structures and Analysis
What Practices? In Which Contexts?

Ian Parker
The Unconscious State of Social Psychology
Valerie Walkerdine
Postmodernity, Subjectivity and the Media
Sue Wilkinson
Prioritizing the Political
Feminist Psychology

Ian Lubek
Reflexively Recycling Social Psychology
A Critical Autobiographical Account of an Evolving Critical Social Psychological Analysis of Social Psychology

Erica Burman
Differentiating and De-Developing Critical Social Psychology
Mike Michael
Critical Social Psychology
Identity and De-Prioritization of the Social

Karin Knorr Cetina
What Scientists Do
Ivan Leudar and Charles Antaki
Participant Status in Social Psychological Research

`This volume.... offers thoughtful, insightful observations by some of the most courageous thinkers in the field.... I would charge that psychologists who achieve a critical consciousness bear responsibilities well beyond the bounds of social psychology. I would also emphasize that they have the skills and prowess to fulfil that obligation. This text confirms that, for it is commendable and provocative indeed' - Contemporary Psychology

Tomas Ibanez

Lupicinio Iniguez Rueda

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