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Critical Issues in Psychotherapy

Critical Issues in Psychotherapy
Translating New Ideas into Practice

February 2001 | 376 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Critical Issues in Psychotherapy examines new and existing models in psychotherapy and presents them in an accessible manner to the practitioner in training through illustrative therapy cases and practitioner commentaries. There are many new models that have emerged in psychotherapy in recent years; however; they have not often been made accessible to front line practitioners. This volume is key in that it translates scholarly findings about established and new approaches into relevant therapeutic implications.

This book is an excellent text for advanced courses in psychotherapy and counselling practice and theory. Practitioners who want to acquaint themselves or re-evaluate many of the methods in psychotherapy will also find this valuable.

Issue 1
Empirically Supported Treatments
What's a Non-Behaviorist to Do?

Marian S Bergin
Issue 2

Constance T Fisher
Psychological Assessment
From Objectification Back to the Life World

Steven Lars Nielsen
Issue 3
Biologization of Psychotherapy

Richard N Williams
The Biologization of Psychotherapy
Understanding the Nature of Influence

Louis A Moench
Issue 4

Sally H Barlow and Allen E Bergin
Lorna Smith Benjamin
The Phenomenon of Spirit in a Secular Psychotherapy
Issue 5

Lisa Tsoi Hoshmand
Lynne A Bennion
Psychotherapy as an Instrument of Culture
Issue 6
Managed Care

David E Polkinghorne
Managed Care Programs
What Do Clinicians Need?

Lynne D Johnson
Issue 7

Frank C Richardson
Judy Norman
Individualism and Modern Psychotherapy
Issue 8
Scientist-Practitioner Model

Hendrika Vande Kemp
The Patient-Philosopher Evaluates the Scientist-Practitioner
A Case Study

James M Harper
Issue 9
Free Will//Determinism

Joseph F Rychlak
Psychotherapy as Practical Teleology
Viewing the Person as an Agent

Diane L Spangler
Issue 10

Brent D Slife and Jeffrey Reber
Eclecticism in Psychotherapy
Is It Really the Best Substitute for Traditional Theories?

Ted Packard and Kay Packard
Issue 11

Barbara S Held
Amy Fisher-Smith
What it Means for Psychotherapy - And What It Doesn't
Issue 12

Blaine J Fowers
Culture, Identity and Loyalty
New Pathways for a Culturally Aware Psychotherapy

Agnes M Plenck
Issue 13

Robert L Woolfolk
Objectivity in Diagnosis and Treatment
A Philosophical Analysis

Daniel K Judd
Issue 14

Jeanne Marecek
Marybeth Raynes
Bringing Feminist Issues to Therapy
Daniel Robinson
The Values of Psychotherapy

"The contributors are an esteemed group that have played significant roles in shaping contemporary understanding of the issues they will be addressing. The number of chapters coincides with the number of weeks in a typical semester, increasing its use as a course text." 

Brain Vandenberg
University of Missouri- St. Louis

Brent Donald Slife

Richard N. Williams

Richard N. Williams is founding Director of the Wheatley Institution. From 2001 through 2008, he served as an Associate Academic Vice President for Faculty and Professor in the department of Psychology at Brigham Young University. His specialty areas include the philosophical, theoretical and historical foundations of psychology, with concentration on issues related to human agency, as well the science of psychology and research methods and statistics. Williams has authored, co-authored, or edited numerous journal, articles, and books. He has been a visiting faculty member at Duquesne University and at Georgetown University. He holds an M... More About Author

Sally H. Barlow

Sally H. Barlow, Ph.D., has taught in the Psychology Department at Brigham Young University for 33 years where she received the Karl Maeser Award for Excellence in teaching. She has co-edited 2 books, and authored a third, published many articles and books chapters. An international expert in group psychotherapy, she has conducted workshops all over the world, and has served in a number of positions in professional organizations promoting the evidence-based practice of psychology. More About Author

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