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Crisis and Contention in Indian Society

Crisis and Contention in Indian Society

First Edition

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Political Sociology

June 2005 | 248 pages | SAGE India
Indian society is often described as one with ‘unity in diversity’ and as a composite culture. Since independence, India has also been termed ‘democratic’ and ‘secular’. However, the discernible cracks that have appeared in recent years in these conceptualisations have led to contentious debates about the very nature of Indian society.

Focusing on different facets of this exacerbating crisis, this book analyses the various issues confronting India’s society and polity today which can assume crisis proportions if not tackled judiciously and expeditiously.
Looking Back: 20th-Century Indian Society
Pluralism, Democracy and Conflict in India
Challenges of Citizenship: Education in the Indian Republic
Race, Religion and Caste: Situating the Dalits
The Coming Crisis of India: Portent from Gujarat
Indianisation of the Church and its Implications
Reorganisation of Indian States: The Incomplete Agenda
Sources of Internal Threats to India's Security
Restructuring Indian Federalism: Autonomy for Jammu and Kashmir
State and Social Movements in Northeast India
Unfinished Tasks: Challenges Ahead
Towards the Future: Indian Society, Nation-State and Civilisation

T K Oommen

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ISBN: 9780761933595