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Criminological Ethnography: An Introduction

Criminological Ethnography: An Introduction

August 2019 | 228 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Featuring a range of fascinating and thought-provoking case studies from the author's extensive experience in the field, this is the first textbook to cover ethnography specific to criminology.

Following the research process in full, Treadwell successfully bridges the gap between a methodological instruction manual and a theoretical textbook. The book:

  • Includes case studies comprised of classic works and the author's own ethnographic projects
  • Provides guidance for navigating key issues in ethnography, including access and researcher safety
  • Helps with the use of ethnographic methods with exercises, questions and checklists
  • Features a range of extra learning features including key terms, a glossary, and further reading suggestions

Criminological Ethnography: An Introduction is a valuable resource for any student embarking on ethnographic research in criminology for the first time.

Part One: Background
Chapter 1: Why ‘Criminological Ethnography’?
Chapter 2: ‘Classic Criminological Ethnography’
Chapter 3: ‘Core Ethnographic Principles and Approaches
Part Two: Preparation and Action
Chapter 4: ‘Planning an Ethnographic Project’
Chapter 5: ‘Doing Ethical Ethnographic Criminology’
Chapter 6: Entering and in the Field
Part Three: The Follow Up
Chapter 7: ‘Writing Criminological Ethnography
Chapter 8: ‘Impactful Criminological Ethnography
Chapter 9: ‘Emerging Perspectives and Future Challenges

Unethical? Unreliable? Unscientific? The use of ethnography to research issues of crime and criminal justice is not without dilemmas or controversies and, despite a recent resurgence, it remains a largely marginal approach within Criminology. At a time when quantitative approaches continue to be preferred in the analysis of 21st Century crime and its control, James Treadwell makes a timely and compelling case for the continuing relevance and explanatory power of ‘Criminological Ethnography’. Written by one of the best Criminological Ethnographers in the business, this text reinvigorates the debate over the role of ethnography in the study of crime and criminal justice and will serve as an invaluable and insightful resource for both novice and seasoned ethnographers of criminological issues.


Anthony Ellis, Lecturer in Sociology and Criminology, University of Salford  

Anthony Ellis
University of Salford

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James Treadwell

I became a Professor in Criminology at Staffordshire University in 2017, having started my career as a   Lecturer in Criminology in 2003 at the University of Central England.  Before I moved into academia I had previously worked for NACRO and the National Probation Service.  I have previously held academic posts at Birmingham Law School (University of Birmingham) the Centre for Applied Criminology (Birmingham City University) and the Department of Criminology (University of Leicester).  I am currently a member of the executive with the British Society of Criminology (and act as Chair of the Prizes Committee). ... More About Author

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