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Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure

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Criminal Justice | Criminal Law

January 2010 | 704 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Criminal Procedure is a comprehensive text that includes the most relevant and contemporary cases and is presented in a stream-lined fashion that makes it more accessible for students. Students and instructors will also appreciate the full range of pedogogical and ancillary features that assist in the learning and understanding of the material. This textbook is primarily geared for a criminal procedure course in undergraduate criminal justice programs.
1. An Introduction to Criminal Procedure
Appendix: Reading and Briefing Cases
2. The Sources of Criminal Procedure
3. Searches And Seizures
4. Stop And Frisk
5. Probable Cause and Arrests
6. Searches and Seizures of Property
7. Inspections and Regulatory Searches
8. Interrogations and Confessions
9. Eyewitness and Scientific Identification
10. The Exclusionary Rule and Entrapment
11. Civil and Criminal Remedies for Constitutional Violations
12. The Initiation of the Legal Process, Bail, and the Right to Counsel
13. The Courtroom: The Pretrial and Trial Process
14. Sentencing and Appeals
15. Counterterrorism

Very thorough coverage of criminal procedure using the case method.

Dr Bonnie Semora
Social Sciences Division, Dalton State College
September 18, 2014

This is an excellent textbook for students who are not native English-speakers and do not have any sense of US criminal procedure. It is well organized and explained. Figures, readings, web resources help students in previewing and reviewing assignments. Typesetting and printing make it easy reading rather than heavy-burden.

Professor Lipin Tien
Department of Law, Management College, National Defense University
December 11, 2012

Price and
Student supplements that facilitate the learning process at no additional costs

Dr Keith Logan
Criminal Just Soc Work Dept, Kutztown University
August 1, 2012

A good read for those who are interested in studying American law. Would have liked to have seen more comparisons with UK law.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
October 8, 2011

Currently using

Dr James Wright
Social Sciences Division, Dalton State College
July 26, 2011

Style and format. Also liked the online support.

Professor Charles Shields
Law , Fairmont State University
September 20, 2010

Matthew Lippman

Matthew Lippman is Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and has taught criminal law and criminal procedure in the Department of Criminology, Law, and Justice for more than thirty years. He has also taught courses on civil liberties, law and society, and terrorism and teaches international criminal law at John Marshall Law School in Chicago. He earned a doctorate in political science from Northwestern University and a Master of Laws from Harvard Law School, and is a member of the Pennsylvania Bar. He has been voted by the graduating seniors at UIC to receive the Silver Circle Award for outstanding teaching on... More About Author

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