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Criminal Love?

Criminal Love?
Queer Theory, Culture, and Politics in India

First Edition
  • R. Raj Rao - Head, Department of English, Savitribai Phule Pune University, India

September 2017 | 200 pages | SAGE India
Criminal Love? takes up the challenge of studying the wide gamut of lived reality of the Indian queer, against the backdrop of a set of theories. Written by a man who has been openly gay for the last 40 years, this book picks up issues, concepts, and theories within the realm of queer studies and dissects them against the day-to-day experiences of Indian queers. Digging deep into his own experiences and those of the people with whom he has come into contact, Rao highlights the sites of transgression within a seemingly monosexual society and analyzes all the aspects of the struggle of being queer in a repressive atmosphere.

Introduction by Thomas Waugh
I: Sex, Sexuality, Gender, and Culture
II: Identities
III: Normativities
IV: Homosociality
V: Homophobia
VI: Lesbianism
VII: Perversion
VIII: Historiography
IX: The Politics of Section 377, IPC

“India’s first and only gay theorist worth reading.”

Hoshang Merchant,
Poet and Former Professor, University of Hyderabad, India

“A courageous book that does not shy away from contested territory and will challenge our ideas of what it might mean to be ‘queer’.”

Ingrid Hotz-Davies,
Professor, University of Tübingen, Germany

“In a piece written in the time before the recent decriminalisation of article 377, Rao brings out fearless and often controversial opinions of his to the fore which have come to gather both praise and controversy… Reading through it left me with questions that had never occurred to me before, which is always a plus.”

Gaysi, 16 October 2019

R. Raj Rao

R. Raj Rao is a writer, poet, and teacher of literature and ‘one of India’s leading gay-rights activists’. His 2003 novel, The Boyfriend, is one of the first gay novels to come from India. Rao was one of the first recipients of the newly established QuebecIndia awards. R. Raj Rao is the author of almost a dozen books of poetry, fiction, plays, biography, and criticism. His book, Whistling in the Dark: Twenty-one Queer Interviews, co-edited with Dibyajyoti Sarama, was published by SAGE in 2009. He is former Professor and Head of the Department of English at the Savitribai Phule Pune University. More About Author

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