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Criminal Behavior

Criminal Behavior
Theories, Typologies and Criminal Justice

March 2008 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Rich in historical and contemporary theory and research, Criminal Behavior:Theories, Typologies, and Criminal Justice is a comprehensive core text that provides an interdisciplinary overview of criminal behavior by examining relevant crime theories, explanations of how and why crime typologies are developed, literature reviews for major crime categories, and discussions of how crime theories and crime typologies are used throughout the criminal justice process. Focusing on relevant themes and current issues, this text also looks closely at categorizations of criminal behavior; the relationship between crime and pop culture, mass media, and computer technology; and gender issues and crime. This engaging book applies theory and research to real-world criminal justice practice. Key Features and Benefits:Applies theory and research to concrete examples of criminal justice practice in law enforcement, public safety, courts/law, and correctionsExplores real-world examples and contemporary issuesûusing chapter-opening vignettes, illustrative photos and graphs, boxed real-life case studies, and an interdisciplinary frameworkùmaking the text lively and engagingViews crime as a dynamic, changing phenomenon and examines how mass media and computer technology shape criminal behavior in a unique chapter on crime, media, and technology that addresses cybercrime and copy cat crimesùtopics that fascinate studentsExamines feminist issues and cultural criminology, reviewing the role of gender and culture in shaping criminal behaviorBoasts full chapters on political crime and economic crimeùsubjects often ignored in other texts Includes comparative information throughout, giving students an international perspective, as well as topical coverage relating to race, ethnicity, and gender issuesAncillariesA student study site at includes self-quizzes, e-flashcards, NPR and Frontline audio and video clips, SAGE Journal articles, and more. InstructorsÆ Resources on CD-Rom includes test questions, PowerPoint slides, and in-class exercises. Contact Customer Care at 1.800.818.7243 to request a copy. Intended Audience This core text offers contemporary insight on criminal behavior for undergraduate and graduate students in criminology and criminal justice, psychology, and related fields.
SECTION ONE: Theories and Typologies
Chapter 1: Criminal Behavior - Nature, Extent, and Measurement
Why do People Commit Crime?

Crime in the United States

Measurement of Crime

The Changing Nature of Crime and Its Response in the 21st Century

Chapter 2: Theories of Criminal Behavior: An Interdisciplinary Perspective
Interdisciplinary Criminology

Integrating Theories of Criminal Behavior

Applying Interdisciplinary Criminology

Chapter 3: Typologies of Crime and Mental Disorders
What is a "typology?"

How are typologies constructed?

Mental Disorders and Criminal Behavior

Criminal Typologies: Theory and Purpose

Evaluating Typologies

Chapter 4: Psychopathy and Criminal Behavior
Defining Psychopathy

The Psychopath's Inability to Feel

What Causes Psychopathy?

Primary and Secondary Psychopathy

Socio-cultural Influences on Manifestations of Psychopathy

The Levels Hypothesis

Psychopathy, Crime, and Criminal Justice Policy and Practice

SECTION TWO: Criminal Typologies
Chapter 5: Violent Crime
Agression and Violence

Types of Violent Crime

Chapter 6: Sex Crime
Normal Sexuality, Sexual Deviance, Sexual Disorder, and Sex Crime

Sex Offender Typologies

Chapter 7: Economic Crime
What is Economic Crime?

Economic Crime Typologies

Chapter 8: Public Order Crime
The Nature of Public Order Offenses

Public Order Crime Typologies

Chapter 9: Political Crime
Defining Political Crime

Types of Political Crime

The Nature and Dynamics of Political Crime

Chapter 10: The Influence of Technology, Media, and Popular Culture on Criminal Behavior: Copycat and Cybercrime
Technology-Related Risk Factors for Criminal Behavior

Technology-Related Crime Subtypes

Crimes of the Future - How Technology Shapes Criminal Behavior

SECTION THREE: Applying Theories and Typologies to Criminal Justice Policy and Practice

Chapter 11: Applied Criminology - How Theory and Typologies are Used in the Criminal Justice System
Police and Public Safety



Chapter 12: Challenges for the Future in Understanding and Responding to Criminal Behavior
The Science of Criminal Behavior

Remembering the Past to Inform the Future

Challenges and Innovative Directions for the Study of Criminal Behavior


Excellent reference book for a number of units covered in the HND course.
Students will be able to appreciate the complexity on behaviour

Miss Sarah Bishop
Public Services, South Gloucestershire and Stroud College
May 6, 2015

I like this book and hope to use it as a supplemental text on several modules. It is a good generic book. We are currently developing new modules which it may be suitable for. This is a good generic book I will recommend for most modules.

Mrs Annabel Schofield
Criminal Justice, University of Essex Online
June 14, 2012

This is a very comprehensive yet very accessible book. It covers a wide range of topics, making it perfect for this type of course. While dealing with each topic in depth, it is still very user-friendly, and is visually attractive and practical for students.

Dr Maria Francisca Rebocho
Department of Political and Behavioral Science, Fernando Pessoa University
January 16, 2012

This is a fascinating and extremely informative text. It's only "fault" being that it is an American text book, and so obviously and clearly about Criminal behaviour in the U.S. As such, some of the chapters relate purely to the criminal justice sysytem in America...and these are interesting but not always relevant to us readers in the U.K...therefore a specifically British edition would be much appreciated!!

Mr Armin Luthi
Health and Social care sciences, Saint Georges
November 25, 2011

A comprehensive up to date interdisciplinary overview of criminal behaviour.

Miss Frances Jackson
Public Services, Peterborough Regional College
September 21, 2011

Right level, but it's not a very interesting book.

Dr Deborah Harding
Behavioral Studies Division, Amarillo College
September 23, 2010

An excellent and very informative text which is easy to read. I am recommending it as an essential text for both Criminal psychology ( 2nd year) and a new 3rd year course starting in 2010 on Forensic and Criminal psychology

Ms Margaret Watkin
Psychology , Manchester Metropolitan University
November 14, 2009

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 6

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Jacqueline B. Helfgott

Jacqueline (Jackie) Helfgott is an Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice at Seattle University, where she has taught since 1993. She received her B.A.from the University of Washington in Psychology/Society & Justice and Masters and Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University in Administration of Justice with a graduate minor in Psychology. Her work has been published in major journals including Criminal Justice and Behavior, Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice, Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, The Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, Federal Probation, The International Review of... More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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