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Creative Management and Development

Creative Management and Development

Third Edition
Edited by:

September 2006 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Creative Management and Development has been updated with newly commissioned and leading edge chapters on intuitive cognition, complexity, emotion, team innovation, development, and well-being. The textbook retains seminal papers on creativity, perception, style, culture, and sustainable development.

The contributors to this textbook represent a broad spectrum of perspectives from among the most distinguished names in the field. They give a clear overview of the topics discussed while explaining their practical implications.

This textbook is published as a Course Reader for The Open University Course Creativity, Innovation and Change (B822) but will engage and challenge students of Organization Behavior, Organizational Psychology, Creativity and Design, HRD, HRM, Knowledge Management and Innovation Management, and practitioners interested in creative ways of managing, different approaches to developing creativity in organizations and creative leadership.
M Csikszentmihalyi
A Systems Perspective on Creativity
T Amabile
How To Kill Creativity
M West and C Sacramento
Flourishing in Teams
Developing Creativity and Innovation

G Claxton
Beyond Cleverness
How To Be Smart without Thinking

I Nonaka and H Takeuchi
Organizational Knowledge Creation
J Sparrow
Beyond sense-making
Emotion, Imagery and Creativity

S Hampson
State of the Art

M Kirton
Adaptors and Innovators
D Goleman
What Makes a Leader
G Ekvall
Conditions and Levels of Creativity
C Handy
The Citizen Company
R Semler
Why My Former Employees still Work for Me
J Henry
Creativity, Development and Wellbeing
C Argyris
The Emperor's New Clothes

D Krackhardt and J R Hanson
Informal Networks
The Company behind the Chart

V Shiva
Monocultures of the Mind
A Lovins, H Lovins and P Hawken
Natural Capitalism
R Pascale
Surfing the Edge of Chaos

Especially the articles "A Systems Perspective on Creativity" and "Beyond Sense-making: Emotion, Imagery and Creativity" are especially good and is highly recommended for my students. The whole book is not essential for the class, since in not covering core elements of the learning goals for the class.

Professor René Bennyson
Communications , Design programmes
October 13, 2015

Great piece of work, some interested articles exploring this subject from a variety of perspectives

Mr Ian Fouweather
Other, Bradford University
September 9, 2013

The book presents a number of very interesting articles by reputable researchers in the field. Its a must for any student undertaking studies in creativity.

Dr Margaret Mangion
Edward de Bono Institute, University of Malta
May 19, 2013

Whilst still using key text to illustrate fundemental concepts of innovation and creativty this text also develops the themes of empowerment and organisation culture.

Linda Lilley
Health , University of Northampton
March 10, 2010

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