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Creating Groups

Creating Groups

Second Edition

Volume: 2
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Group Work

March 1996 | 106 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Thoroughly revised, enlarged and redesigned, the Second Edition of this successful book presents useful guidelines for effectively composing new groups and modifying existing ones. The authors provide techniques and exercises based on the most recent group therapy research to help to develop groups that can meet a variety of personal, organizational and community goals.

New to this edition are: all the steps that go into the creation of a group - from the idea of starting a group to planning and conducting the first meeting; factors of race and gender in groups; and the empowerment of potential members in the group composition process.

Dealing with Difference
Defining the Term Group
Different Kinds of Groups
Recruiting Group Members
Composing Your Group
Group Modification
Time, Size and Space
Composing a Group
Planning the First Meeting

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Harvey J. Bertcher

Frank Maple

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