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Crack Cocaine, Crime, and Women

Crack Cocaine, Crime, and Women
Legal, Social, and Treatment Issues

  • Sue Mahan - University of Central Florida, USA

August 1996 | 112 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Sue Mahan provides an up-to-date, accessible discussion of the issues relevant to the debate on crack cocaine, crime and women. Following an in-depth overview, the book offers a broad and informed perspective on the legal, lifestyle and treatment issues central to women's addiction to crack cocaine. With sensitivity and compassion, the author also addresses the tragic consequences of children born to addicted mothers, stressing the importance for policy and resources to focus on the mutual well-being of mother and child.
The Subculture
Concepts and Issues

Analysis of Interviews
Case Study of a `Rock Star'
The Criminalization of Pregnancy
Concepts and Issues

Analysis of Judicial Alternatives
Case Study of a Crack Mom
Jennifer Johnson

Crack Treatment
Concepts and Issues

Analysis of the Phases of Development
Case Study of a Treatment Program
Hope House


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Susan G. Mahan

Sue Mahan is an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Program at the University of Central Florida - Daytona Beach Campus. She received a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri – Columbia and was awarded a Kellogg Fellowship in International Development and a Fulbright Distinguished Lectureship to Peru. She is the author of several other books including: Unfit Mothers; Women, Crime and Criminal Justice (with Ralph Weisheit); Crack, Cocaine, Crime and Women; and Beyond the Mafia, as well as journal articles and book chapters about crime and justice. She is working on a book about restorative justice in Colombia, SA based... More About Author

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