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COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic
Impact on and Implications for Community and Social Development

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Manohar Pawar - Charles Sturt University, Australia, Professor of Social Work, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University, Australia

November 2020 | 272 pages | SAGE Spectrum
In this book, leading social researchers from Australia, India, Italy, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, the UK and USA discuss the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic in their respective countries. They explore socio-cultural, health, economic and educational aspects of people’s lives, and governments’ policies and programmes. Their analyses show how coronavirus infects indiscriminately and impacts discriminately, particularly the disadvantaged and marginalized groups. The pandemic exposes hidden health inequalities and calls for structural changes. It significantly contributes to lessons learned from the pandemic and the understanding of implications for community and social development. The book is a useful resource for further research and action, and policies and programmes to fight the pandemic and support people and communities with care and compassion.
The Global Impact of and Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Introduction
Mark Henrickson
Kiwis and COVID-19: The Aotearoa New Zealand Response to the Global Pandemic
Dominic O’Sullivan, Mubarak Rahamathulla and Manohar Pawar
The Impact and Implications of COVID-19: An Australian Perspective
Sohini Sengupta and Manish K. Jha
Social Policy, COVID-19 and Impoverished Migrants: Challenges and Prospects in Locked Down India
Lakshmi Lingam and Rahul Suresh Sapkal
COVID-19, Physical Distancing and Social Inequalities: Are We all Really in this Together?
Mara Sanfelici
The Italian Response to the COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons Learned and Future Direction in Social Development
Heather A. Walter-McCabe
Coronavirus Health Inequities in the United States Highlight Need for Continued Community Development Efforts
Komalsingh Rambaree and Nessica Nässén
‘The Swedish Strategy’ towards the COVID-19 Pandemic: Impact on Vulnerable and Marginalised Communities
Gift Dafuleya
Social and Emergency Assistance Ex-Ante and During COVID-19 in the SADC Region
Mrigesh Bhatia
COVID-19 and BAME Group in the United Kingdom
Asok Kumar Sarkar, Mamunur Rahman and Manohar Pawar
7th ICSDAP Conference in Bangladesh: Some Experiences and Reflections for the Way Forward
Book Reviews James Midgley, Rebecca Surender and Laura Alfers, Handbook of Social Policy and Development Reviewed by Sarah Cook
Ranabir Samaddar (Ed.), Borders of an Epidemic: COVID-19 and Migrant Workers Reviewed by Anindita Chakrabarty

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Manohar Pawar

Manohar Pawar, PhD, is professor of social work at the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Charles Sturt University (NSW, Australia) and is also the President of the Asia-Pacific branch of the International Consortium for Social Development. Earlier, he has taught at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, and La Trobe University, Melbourne. He has more than 30 years of experience in social work education, research and practice in Australia and India. Professor Pawar has received a number of awards, including the ICSSR Doctoral Fellowship located at the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, New Delhi (1986–1988);... More About Author

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