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Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Counselling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Third Edition

176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The experience of childhood sexual abuse is a trauma which continues to have an impact on survivors throughout their lives. The pervasive and long-term effects that stem from sexual abuse make it vital that counselors become adept at addressing the unique and complex needs of survivors.

In this Third Edition of Counseling Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Claire Burke Draucker and Donna S. Martsolf identify the significant healing processes which are essential to achieve recovery. These include disclosing the abuse; reinterpreting it from an adult perspective; addressing issues related to the context of the abuse; and making desired life changes.

Each of these processes is discussed in conjunction with the most effective counseling interventions to facilitate resolution. Carefully chosen case examples demonstrate the appropriate use interventions in practice.

The Third Edition includes a wealth of new material covering memory retrieval, outcome research, multicultural counseling, emerging therapeutic approaches, and neuroscience and counseling. Dynamics and difficulties in the therapeutic relationship are also discussed in great depth.

The False Memory Debate
Counselling Implications

Outcomes Research on Abuse-focused Psychotherapy Approaches
Disclosing an Experience of Child Sexual Abuse
Focusing on the Abuse Experience
Reinterpreting the Sexual Abuse Experience from an Adult Perspective
Addressing the Context of the Sexual Abuse
Making Desired Life Changes
Addressing Resolution Issues
Dynamics and Difficulties in the Therapeutic Relationship
Case Study
The Counselling Process with an Adult Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Future Directions and Trends

`As a teacher, I was impressed. The book is clearly written and provides a fine introduction to the issues attendant on counseling survivors of sexual abuse. It is up-to-date and comprehensive without being plodding and avoids the cant that can bedevil the topic.' - PyschCritiques

This is an excellent book in relation to understanding the purpose of counselling with this vulnerable group of people it offers a detailed insight and analysis as well as key skills in developing greater consideration to undertaking this difficult task.

Mrs Toni Benaton
Britannia Mill Campus, Derby University
June 5, 2019

The text did not match the anticipated learning outcomes of the course as the content was not as I had expected.

Mrs Ruth Parkes
School of Social Work, University of Central Lancashire
February 11, 2015

Useful as an overview of the impacts of CSA and what to be aware of when working with survivors.

Miss Joanna Sharpen
Children and young people's project, AVA (against violence and abuse)
August 21, 2014

Recommended to students to supplement understanding and inform in module on Abuse and Abuser

Mrs Maggie Parry
Early Years & Counselling, South Essex College
September 9, 2013

This excellent book provides the right balance in the range of aspects covered, and a level of depth that will support it’s practical application. I particularly like the way in which case study extracts are used and discussed, giving the reader an opportunity to integrate content.

Mr Mike Bancroft
Counselling, Alton College
August 5, 2011

This book was obtained for staff use only. It helps staff to understand how to approach the subject and support the students when the necessity arises.

Mrs Jan Roberts
Childcare, Herefordshire College of Technology
January 12, 2011

Claire Burke Draucker

Donna Martsolf

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