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Counselling in Transcultural Settings

Counselling in Transcultural Settings
Priorities for a Restless World

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Multi-Cultural Counseling

November 2012 | 208 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing on over 40 years of experience, Patricia d'Ardenne provides the reader with a unique and practical introduction to counseling and psychotherapy in a world on the move, where ethnic, linguistic, religious, economic, political and environmental differences collide and create a rich and complex setting for contemporary therapeutic practice.

Positioning counseling within the shifting contexts of the modern world, this book:

  • Examines anti-discriminatory practice - its origins and development
  • The complexities of working effectively with refugees, asylum seekers, vulnerable migrants, and the victims of human trafficking
  • Considers the needs of the cultural traveler
  • Address the intricacies of faith and spirituality
  • Provides a guide to assessing language and the role of interpreters
  • Addresses ethics, the law and transcultural issues in Healthcare
  • Looks at the importance of supervision, personal development and self care

Counselling in Transcultural Settings is an essential companion for counselors and psychotherapists at all stages of professional training looking to work beyond their own culture, where the demands of therapy are as dynamic as the political and social contexts within which people seek help.



Anti-Discriminatory Practice - Its Origins and Development in Transcultural Counselling
Counselling Cultural Travellers
Transcultural Counselling for People with Refugee Experience
Using Interpreters in Transcultural Counselling
Spirituality and Religion in Transcultural Settings
Transcultural Issues in Health Care
The Voices of Users and Carers in Transcultural Counselling Services
Ethics and Governance in Transcultural Counselling
Supervision, Personal Development and Self Care in Transcultural Counselling
Future Directions for Transultural Counselling for a Restless World



'd'Ardenne combines a wealth of clinical experience and expertise with theoretical and conceptual depth to bring to the novice and expert an important contribution to transcultural counselling. This textbook deserves a place in interdisciplinary courses which profess any investigation or expertise in culture and mental health' -
Kam Bhui, Professor of Cultural Psychiatry at Barts and the London School of Medicine and President of the World Association of Cultural Psychiatry

'As global communication becomes wider, faster and more direct, the cultural gulfs between human societies are becoming more apparent. Attitudes to and treatment of mental health and trauma vary hugely in different cultures and societies. It is time we recognised that Western ways are not the only ways. We have a lot to learn. Counselling in Transcultural Settings unpacks these issues and provides a valuable tool for everyone working in this area' -
Richard Dowden, Director, The Royal African Society

This is a thougtful, well researched and thought provoking text which all counsellors and trainees should read. The case study scenarios bring alive the concepts and points presented.

Ms Sally Riggall
Social Work , University of Lincoln
October 7, 2014

This is a really useful book that I recommend to students and have ordered for the library.

Mr Baljeet Gill
Youth and Community, Ruskin College Oxford
December 3, 2013

This book provides a challenging perspective on cultural diversity with examples and provoking questions for further consideration. I really appreciate the chapter on evidence base and the way in which ethical issues are raised within in a social context. I would have liked to have seen some more recognition of intersectionality, for example some of the challenges of not being heterosexual within some cultures. Whilst this is useful supplementary reading for the Foundation Degree and Combined honours courses, I think it has particular value for our new Masters programme.

Ms Jan Grove
Please select your department, Newman University College
September 25, 2013

the introductionl sets the scene (if briefly). The reference to research is really good with a helopful chapter on research. In this way the research is integrated into the text.

This forms a helpful additional text and certainly one that practiitioners coudl consult when they find themselves in particular situations e.g. with translaters.

Ms Jan Grove
Counselor Education , Newman University College
June 25, 2013

Patricia d'Ardenne

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