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Counselling and Supporting Children in Distress

Counselling and Supporting Children in Distress

October 1998 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book addresses the key issues and problems faced by adults involved in the care of children.

Increasingly, the carers of children must call on basic counseling skills in their interactions with young people and their families. Counselling and Supporting Children in Distress gives those in the caring professions the knowledge they need to provide effective support for the children and young people with whom they work.

Integrating theory, practice and research, the authors give clear, accessible interventions designed to alleviate distress. They demonstrate how appropriate counseling approaches and support systems can be incorporated by practitioners into their existing repertoire of skills.

Counselling and Supporting Children in Distress, with its clear and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, will be essential reading for counselors, nurses, teachers, psychologists and all professionals involved in the care and guidance of children and young people.

The Developing Child
Needs and Rights

Stress and Distress
Unhappiness in Childhood and Adolescence

Children and Grief
Storytelling and Everyday Chat
Peer Support
Dealing with Fear and Phobias
Rejection and Victimization
Disruptive and Aggressive Behaviour
Taking Preventative Action
Developing Resilience in Children and Young People


`This book successfully integrates current theory, practice and research. It is a concise book and easy to read.... I broadened and deepened my understanding from reading it. I can imagine some EPs and others using individual chapters as informative, quick revisions of key subject areas prior to planning INSLT. Additionally, this book will be useful to the growing army of other adults now working with children and young people (classroom and behaviour support assistants). I liked the underlying message that professionals do not have the monopoly on working with young people. It is important to recognise that significant other people have always been available to offer support to young people in distress prior to seeking more specialized support... This book reminded me that we are all responsible for children's emotional development through the quality of our day-to-day relationships. Mr Blair and Mr Blunkett would discover much evidence-based content for their proposed citizenship courses in The National Curriculum from reading this book!' - British Psychological Society Division of Educational and Child Psychology Newsletter

`A book which will be of great interest and use to teachers and school staff... a refreshing element is the acknowledgement and description of factors which protect children from the potential negative impact of life experiences... case examples and details of interventions are very helpful and provide creative ideas for others... [a book for] teachers to dip into when faced with a pupil troubled by fears and phobias, or an issue such as bullying. The book focuses on what children themselves identify as their main stressors, such as bereavement, school pressure and so on.... Sonia Sharp and Helen Cowie are keen supporters of peer support schemes, and there is a very useful chapter which will help school staff who want to establish peer support systems within their own schools' - Young Minds Magazine

`The case examples and details of interventions are very helpful and provide creative ideas for others. For example, the description of a school responding to the sudden death of a pupil in a manner which informed and involved the whole community, would be very helpful to other schools having to deal with a similar event' - Bereavement Care

too much focus on counselling rather than youth work focus.

books looks good for a counselling course

Jean Hatton
community and international education, Huddersfield University
April 17, 2013

Sonia Sharp

Helen Cowie

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