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Counseling Programs

Counseling Programs
A Guide to Evaluation

October 1992 | 112 pages | Corwin
This guide demonstrates how to conduct effective evaluation of school counselling programmes. The book shows how to use evaluation to improve the quality of programmes, how to document resources necessary for improvement and how to become convincing advocates for counselling services. Case studies are presented to illustrate the evaluation process from start to finish.
Vignette 1
Determining Students' Preferences for Small Groups

Vignette 2
Evaluating Individual Counseling Services

Vignette 3
Using Control Groups in Program Evaluation

Vignette 4
Evaluating Classroom Guidance

Vignette 5
Assessing Parents' Opinions of the Overall Program

Vignette 6
Surveying Teachers' Opinions of Selected Progam Components


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L . DiAnne Borders

Sandra M. Drury

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