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Counseling Ethics for the 21st Century

Counseling Ethics for the 21st Century
A Case-Based Guide to Virtuous Practice

February 2018 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Counseling Ethics for the 21st Century prepares students to address ethical issues arising in contemporary counseling practice. Drawing on their own clinical and practical experiences, authors Elliot D. Cohen and Gale Spieler Cohen present detailed, realistic, and engaging clinical case studies along with a comprehensive five-step model that can be used to manage the complex ethical problems raised throughout the book. Each chapter focuses on particular virtues in the context of examining a particular counseling issue, including online counseling, digital record keeping, and social media. Students will be empowered to define problems, identify relevant facts, conduct ethical analyses, and make the best decisions for their clients.

PART I. Becoming a Virtuous Therapist
Chapter 1: Building Character: Virtues of Excellent Practitioners
Chapter 2: Being Trustworthy
Case Studies: Two Resistant Clients

Chapter 3: Applying Ethical Standards
Case Study: A Clash of Values Inside a Fundamentalist Christian Family

Chapter 4: Using an Ethical Decision-Making Process
Case Study: A Hateful Client

Chapter 5: Exercising Discretion
Case Study: A Dangerous Client

Chapter 6: Being Candid and Honest
Case Study: Withholding Information From a Depressed Client

Chapter 7: Empowering Adult Victims of Domestic Abuse
Case Studies: Physical and Emotional Abuse

Chapter 8: Exercising Courage in Protecting Children
Case Study: Child Sexual Abuse

Chapter 9: Being Loyal and Fair to Clients
Case Study: Sex with a Former Client

Chapter 10: Being Respectful Across Diverse Cultures
Case Study: Supervising a Supervisee Doing Cross-Cultural Counseling

Chapter 11: Being Diligent in the Digital Age
Case Study: A Case of Record Hacking

Chapter 12: Providing Competent Online Counseling Services
Case Study: A Suicidal Client

Chapter 13: Being Benevolent
Case Study: A Terminally Ill Client Contemplating Suicide

Chapter 14: Being Nonmalevolent
Case Study: A Sexually Active Client With HIV

About the Authors

"The authors have provided an up to date, thought provoking, clearly written, state of the art resource for seasoned professionals as well as neophyte counselors and therapists. They present ethics, not merely as minimal prescriptions but as choices that are maximally or virtuously ethical. Professional mental health workers with a wide variety of training and licenses can benefit from the insights and challenges presented by Elliot and Gale Cohen. The various levels of ethical practice that professional mental health workers face and deal with on a regular basis are explained. The authors allow for a variety of possible ethical resolutions when it is appropriate. I most enthusiastically recommend this book for professionals who function in the ever changing world in which they live and who wish to provide high quality service to their clients."

Robert Wubbolding, Ed.D.
Center for Reality Therapy

"As one of the founders of the philosophical counseling movement and inventor of Logic-Based Therapy, Elliot D. Cohen has once again made an enormous contribution to the literature in his new book co-authored with Gale Spieler Cohen.  In Counseling Ethics for the 21stCentury, the Cohens provide an original analysis of the morality of counseling by examining many ethical challenges that beset all types of professional therapists and mental health practitioners.  They argue for what a virtuous therapist should be like while helping others and address many facets of practice including cultivating good character, applying ethical standards, being mindful of the issue of confidentiality and privacy, internet based-interventions, record keeping, working with vulnerable and abused populations, as well as respecting and working with diversity issues.  The authors’ introduce the technical principles of applying a step-based approach to ethical decision making peppered with lengthy case examples in a wide array of counseling situations that give the reader a real feel for what it is like to be in the consulting room. This is an ideal text for graduate students first being introduced to the counseling process."

Jon Mills
Adler Graduate Professional School, Toronto

“The orientation of this text around case studies makes it much more understandable and usable for master’s-level students in their quest for excellence in counseling.”

Anna M. Viviani
Indiana State University

Elliot D. Cohen

Elliot D. Cohen, Ph.D., Brown University, is Professor and Chair of the Department of Humanities at Indian River State College, and Adjunct Professor of Clinical Ethics at Florida State University College of Medicine. He is also Executive Director of the National Philosophical Counseling Association (NPCA); President of the Institute of Critical Thinking Center for Logic-Based Therapy (LBT); and Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Applied Philosophy.  Author of 22 published books and numerous articles in diverse areas of applied and professional ethics, and philosophical counseling, Dr. Cohen has developed... More About Author

Gale Spieler Cohen

Gale Spieler Cohen, Ed.D., LMHC, NCC is Professor and Chair of the Human Services Department at Indian River State College. She is a licensed mental health counselor in Florida and a National Certified Counselor with clinical experience in a wide array of areas including child sexual abuse and domestic abuse and intimate partner violence. She holds a doctorate in Child, Youth, and Human Services with a specialization in Family Systems and Services from Nova Southeastern University. More About Author

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