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Correlation and Regression

Correlation and Regression
Applications for Industrial Organizational Psychology and Management

Second Edition

April 2001 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Correlation and Regression 2nd edition attempts to take statistical theory in correlation and regression and make it accessible to readers using words, equations, and a variety of applied examples.The examples help explain how the techniques work and under what circumstances some creativity in application is necessary. The revision keeps many of the prior classic examples, while adding even more up-to-date examples relevant to the next century of social science. The book's goal is practical; the tone is commonsensical. It is based upon the belief that one can be clear yet remain precise and accurate. The notions of practicality and common sense reflect the underlying philosophy that the application of correlation and regression is not necessarily straightforward, and it requires thinking about each technique in creative ways.
An Introduction, an Overview, and Some Reminders
A Review of the Correlation Coefficient and Its Properties
Testing Correlations for Statistical Significance
Applications of Pearson Correlation to Measurement Theory
Range Restriction
`Simple' Two-Variable Regression
Three Applications of Bivariate Regression
Utility Analysis, Regression to the Mean, Partial Correlation

Multiple (Mostly Trivariate) Regression
Expanding the Regression Repertoire
Polynomial and Interaction Terms

More about Regression, and Beyond

". . . the writing makes this book interesting to all levels of students. Bobko tackles tough issues in an easy way but provides references for more complex and complete treatment of the subject. . . . there is a familiarity and love of the material that radiates through the words."

Malcolm James Ree

"The greatest strength of this book is the way in which the material is presented.  I particularly liked the clarity in the way that formulae were presented and that they are explained in terms of what each part contributes and the effect it has."

Rebecca Walwyn
Clinical Trials Unit, Institute of Psychiatry, London, UK
Statistical Methods in Medical Research

Philip Bobko

Dr. Bobko has held academic appointments in management and psychology at four state universities. He has won or been nominated for teaching awards at three universities. He is the author of over 60 articles and book chapters in selection, test fairness, statistics, goal setting, managerial decision making, measurement, standard setting, and so forth. He has authored two books, including a recent text on correlation and regression (Sage Press). He serves on numerous editorial boards and has served as Editor of the Journal of Applied Psychology. More About Author

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