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Corporate Social Responsibility in India

Corporate Social Responsibility in India

First Edition

April 2008 | 352 pages | SAGE Response
Corporate Social Responsibility in India is arguably the first comprehensive, well-researched book on the subject in the country.  The author uses Indian examples, case studies and CSR role models from the Indian industry to explain the gap between Indian business needs and current practices.  Practices and researches in economically developed counties have also been used extensively.  As the Indian industry begins to enter international markets, it is going to be imperative to integrate CSR with business goals for long-term sustainability and healthy economic, social and environmental impact. 

The book helps in understanding the meaning of business beyond financial numbers and tries to explain how even CSR can be used as a marketing tool and for business benefits.  It dwells comprehensively upon the concept of CSR, from its inception as ph8ilanthropy till its journey to a form where now it is mandatory to be sensitive about CSR in businesses.This ready reckoner and guide for senior managers, CEOs, CFOs, HR and taxation officials in INdian and multinational companies, management students and academicians approaches CSR as a critical business need, not a philosophy.

Sanjay K. Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant working with organized retail business.  His areas of interest include Corporate and Factory Accounts and Direct and Indirect Taxation.


Triple Bottom Line

CSR Reports

CSR Projects

Tax Break on CSR Expenses

CSR Report Assurance




Topical publication on an inescapable imperative.

Business Line

While the concept- Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR) still stands at its nascent stage, the author deserves instant appreciation for bringing out a complete book on CSR covering all the aspects and associated activities…. The book is a good collection and virtue of its depth, dimension and erudition...opens up numerous debates and fresh areas of research-besides being an enlightening reading.

The Chartered Accountant

Sanjay K Agarwal

Sanjay K Agarwal is a Chartered Accountant with over 15 years experience in the field of Corporate and Factory Accounts and Direct and Indirect Taxation. Having worked with RPG Group and Aditya Birla Group in different capacities, presently he is working for Reliance Group.He is a regular contributor of articles on a wide range of issues of topical interest. His articles have been published in several prestigious journals including The Chartered Accountant and The Bombay Chartered Accountant Journal. His articles on Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development have been published in journals of various management schools. More About Author

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