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Convicted but Innocent

Convicted but Innocent
Wrongful Conviction and Public Policy

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Criminal Justice

204 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Addressing the specific issues surrounding wrongful convictions and their implications for society, Convicted but Innocent includes: survey data concerning the possible magnitude of the problem and its causes; fascinating actual case samples; detailed analyses of the major factors associated with wrongful conviction; discussion of public policy implications; and recommendations for reducing the occurrence of such convictions.

The authors maintain that while no system of justice can be perfect, a focus on preventable errors can substantially reduce the number of current conviction injustices.

Simon Dinitz
With Apologies to the Prisoner
Causes Célèbres
How Could This Have Happened?
The Causes and Prevalence of Wrongful Conviction

What Did They Really See?
The Problems of Eyewitness Identification

False Confessions, Miranda Notwithstanding
Wrongful Conviction and Public Policy
What Can Be Done?


Clarence Ronald Huff

Arye Rattner

Arye Rattner is a professor of sociology and criminology at the University of Haifa in Israel since 1983. Professor Rattner has completed his BA degree in Sociology and Crimininology at Bar-Ilan University, MA degree in Criminology and Criminal Law at Tel-Aviv University andhis Ph.d in Criminology, Sociology and Public Administration at the Ohio State University in 1983. Professor Rattner Has been leading one of the pioneering study on Wrongful conviction and published several books and monographs and many articles on subjects dealing with crime, law and the criminal justice system. Professor Rattner is involved currently in a research... More About Author

Edward Sagarin

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