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Conversion, Continuity and Change

Conversion, Continuity and Change
Lived Christianity in Southern Goa

April 1998 | 240 pages | SAGE India
This book examines the processes of conversion, continuity and change in a Goan Catholic community. The analysis shifts from a focus on the people in Goa to a consideration, through ethnographic material, of present-day patterns and modes of persistence and change in a rural Catholic community.

The author discusses individual and collective ritual modes and issues of caste conflict as manifested in church celebrations. The issues explored include kinship and the implication of Catholicism for rules of marriage, ideas about inheritance and gender, reasons for conversion and the clash of traditions. Overall, this book provides a rich analysis of the interplay between Christianity and colonialism as well as the emerging disharmony of tradition in a new social context. It also explores issues relating to the sociological study of convert communities in India in a comparative perspective.

Encounter and Engagement
The Socio-Political Context of Conversion  
The `Present', the People, the Place
Igorjechem Fest
The Annual Ritual Cycle  
Life-Cycle Rituals
Birth, Marriage and Death  
Ceremony and Conflict in the Church
By Way of a Conclusion

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Rowena Robinson

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