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Conversation As Method

Conversation As Method
Analyzing the Relational World of People Who Were Raised Communally

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Qualitative Research

June 1997 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
From the premise that knowledge is co-constructed by observer and observed, and both must be clearly visible in research reports, Conversation as Method explores a rich methodology evolving from people coming together to talk, listen and learn from one another.

The book consists of an engaging discussion among four women, all feminist scholars, who explore different ways of knowing. The quantitative orientation of one combined with the qualitative methodology of the other three makes for a stimulating and exchange on how growing up communally affects relationships later on in life. Readers are also encouraged to participate in the conversation by making their own individual assessments of interpretations each author puts forth.

Ruth Sharabany and Hadas Wiseman
How Does Growing Up Communally Affect Relationships?
Ruthellen Josselson
Eight Dimensions of Relationship
The Dialogue Begins
Eye-to-Eye Validation
Idealization and Identification
Mutuality and Resonance
Tending (Care)
Reflections on the Discourse

Ruthellen H. Josselson

Amia Lieblich

Ruth Sharabany

Hadas Wiseman

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ISBN: 9780761905134