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Controversies in Contemporary Advertising

Controversies in Contemporary Advertising

Second Edition

August 2013 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Presenting a range of perspectives on advertising in a global society, this Second Edition of Controversies in Contemporary Advertising examines economic, political, social, and ethical perspectives and covers a number of topics including stereotyping, controversial products, consumer culture, and new technology. The book is divided equally between macro and micro issues, providing a balanced portrait of the role advertising has in society today. Author Kim Bartel Sheehan's work recognizes the plurality of opinions towards advertising, allowing the reader to form and analyze their own judgments. It encourages readers to obtain a critical perspective on advertising issues.
1. Advertising, Its Supporters, and Its Critics
2. Living in a Consumer Culture
3. Advertising and the Media: Changes and Challenges
4. How Advertising is Regulated: Industry
5. Beyond Subliminal
6. Advertising Choices: Influences of Stereotypes and Taste
7. Gender and Advertising: How Gender Shapes Meaning
8. Advertising and Race: Examining the Melting Pot
9. Advertising and Age, Sexual Orientation, and Ability: Marginalized or Mainstream?
10. Children and Advertising: Emerging Consumers, Problematic Strategies
11. Advertising Controversial Products: Bans and Beliefs
12. Tobacco and Alcohol Advertising: Industries in Flux
13. Advertising Prescription Drugs: Healthy Tactics or Risky Propositions
14. Political Advertising: Do "We the People" Still Matter?
15. Socially Responsible Advertising: Does a Brand Have a Conscience?
16. Online Advertising: The Ever-Evolving Landscape
17. Advertising: Being Ethical Advertisers in a Challenging Age

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Dr Marcia Christina de Barros Ferreira
Liverpool Business School, Liverpool John Moores University
February 22, 2017

Excellent book, with a clear organization in chapters each relating to the main controversies raised by ads. Plain and neat language is used to deal with concepts sometimes difficult. This book is a good introduction for the study of advertising. It is up-to-date and deals with sensitive issues in a correct way. Pictures, which are in full colour and of good resolution, together with a fresh layout, help in make easy the reading. Summary, key terms and in particular the discussion questions at the end of the chapter are helpful for consolidating the concepts and providing inputs for class activities.

Mr Francesco Screti
Education , Glion Institute of Higher Education
February 1, 2016

In week 8 of my module Creative Industries we will cover 'Advertising' and I will recommend chapters of this book as essential reading.

Dr Francisco Costa
Faculty of Arts & Humanities, University of East Anglia
June 5, 2015

Students like this edition. It covers the broad range of issues and includes new media, which is crucial in any advertising course.

Ms Dorothy Balabanos
Communication Dept, Depaul University-Chicago Loop
February 4, 2015

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Kim Bartel Sheehan

Kim Bartel Sheehan is a Professor and Director of the Master’s Program in Strategic Communication and the Undergraduate Honors Program at the School of Communication and Journalism at the University of Oregon. She held leadership positions at agencies in Boston, Chicago, and St. Louis and has consulted with numerous companies. Her research involves advertising, culture, and new technology, with a focus on sustainability communications. She has published extensively about online privacy, advertising ethics, and direct-to-consumer prescription drug advertising. She has served as an Associate Editor and a Special Issue Editor for the Journal... More About Author

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