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Controversial Issues In Environmental Policy

Controversial Issues In Environmental Policy
Science vs. Economics vs. Politics

192 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Most controversies in environmental policy are rooted in clashes of values involving science and technology versus humanism, economic efficiency versus humanism, the role of nature in society and the role of government in society. The author discusses how America makes environmental policy - at the Federal and State levels as well as their enforcement agencies designed to protect and regulate at the same time. Portney examines legislation, public opinion, implementation or non-implementation relative to the debates over water, air and soil management.
The Context of Environmental Policy Making in America
The Role of Government in the Environment
The Policy Making Processes

Public Policies to Protect and Improve the Air Quality of the Nation and the World
Public Policies to Protect and Improve the Quality of the Nation's Water
Public Policies Toward Contaminating the Soil
Regulating Hazardous and Toxic Substances

Controversies in Environmental Policy - Past, Present and Future
A Brief Epilogue


Kent E. Portney

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