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SAGE publishes a range of companion websites to provide online support to both faculty and students, including SAGE edge, which offers robust online environments featuring an array of tools and resources for review, study and further exploration. The material on the companion websites is integrated with the textbook it accompanies, enhancing the teaching and learning experience for instructors and students.

Print and Digital Content Sponsorship

Leverage SAGE’s peer-reviewed content to establish credibility and rust. We offer a variety of print and digital opportunities to help you reach your target audience and promote our brand.

Digital Options

Digital Edition Sponsorship

Promote your brand with a dedicated, online sponsored issue. Perfect for conferences, this is sure to be seen by conference attendees and society members.

Health, Life & Biomedical Sciences

Over the last two decades, SAGE’s science, technology and medicine program has grown rapidly, with SAGE now recognized as a leading independent publisher in those disciplines and one of the top five publishers of medical journals in the world.

Bibliographic Information

SAGE Data Station

The SAGE Data Station is an FTP site that contains regularly updated bibliographic information and cover images for all SAGE titles.

Terms and Conditions of Use of SAGE Journals

Notes for Authorised Users

These notes are provided as guidance for Authorised Users. They do not replace the full Terms and Conditions (see below), and in the event of a difference between these and the full Terms and Conditions, the wording of the full Terms and Conditions takes precedence.