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SAGE Skills

SAGE Skills

It has never been more important for universities to deliver on the promise of improved student outcomes. The SAGE Skills suite of products is designed to support this mission by helping students develop the academic and professional skills necessary to succeed in higher education and beyond.


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Trends in Brain Drain, Gain and Circulation

Looking back into the 1960s and perhaps 1970s on the discourse and controversy of brain drain, there exists different perspectives on migration of trained (or to be trained) brains to more developed countries. From a contemporary perspective, one can see today that the issue and the phenomena of brain drain, still persists and there is plethora of literature on this subject.

SAGE Research Methods Video

Every librarian has encountered frantic students struggling with a paper or research project. We know that students have a range of preferred learning styles, and when students are already overwhelmed by the number of books or journal articles they need to read to complete their paper, more text-based resources may not be the most effective educational tools.