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Trends in Brain Drain, Gain and Circulation

Looking back into the 1960s and perhaps 1970s on the discourse and controversy of brain drain, there exists different perspectives on migration of trained (or to be trained) brains to more developed countries. From a contemporary perspective, one can see today that the issue and the phenomena of brain drain, still persists and there is plethora of literature on this subject.

Moderating Impact of Job-worth on Burnout and Self-worth of Indian Call Centre Employees

A significant proportion of the Indian workforce is engaged as customer service representatives or call centre employees. The National Association of Software and Services Companies in India (NASSCOM) Information Technology–Business Process Management (IT–BPM) industry FY2015 performance review states that India has been able to retain its leadership position in business process outsourcing, despite competitive challenges presented by emerging off-shoring destinations such as Philippines, China and Singapore.

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