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Academic and reference books with breadth of vision and valuable content … books, electronic media, and more than 900 journals, we offer the … courses Professional books reflecting …

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topical and interesting research published in SAGE books and journals. The … The European Reference

How to manage your time and workload

Succeeding on Your Primary PGCE Get … alphabetical list of all the books you have read relating to the topic even if … references to be provided for those texts you have used to inform your work and …

Morlino, Leonardo

Leonardo Morlino

He is the author of more than 30 books and more than 200 journal essays and book chapters published in English, French … recent books include: Changes for Democracy (Oxford UP, 2011 …

Publish with SAGE

include: Academic and reference books with … providing academic references books, graduate textbooks, professional books … journals, books and electronic media content of high quality that reflects …

Johns, Beverley

Beverley Holden Johns

books (and co-author of another) including Reduction of School … Reference for School Personnel, Getting Behavioral Interventions Right …

Alan Axelrod

A Biography (2006). Among his reference books are Political History of …

Nimit Chowdhary

Mundus, Europe among others. He is a referred researcher in the field … leadership. He has authored eight books and more than hundred …

Brande Flamez

outpatient program for court-referred adolescents. Dr. Flamez is active in the … the nationally and internationally level and coauthored several book

Back to school, back to behaviour

Refresh your memory about the establishment phase by taking a look at … encouraging…Assertiveness training is well worth considering – even if you just read a book on … neither you nor they will get upset.” …