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D. Richard Laws

D.Richard Laws, PhD, was the director of the Sexual Behavior Laboratory at Atascadero State Hospital in California from 1970-1985; project director at the Florida Mental Health Institute, Tampa, from 1985-1989; manager of forensic psychology at Alberta Hospital, Edmonton, Alberta from 1989-1994; and most recently a psychologist with Adult Forensic Psychiatric Services in Victoria, British Columbia from 1994 until his retirement in 1999. Dr.

Medico-Legal Collection

This collection includes 13 peer-reviewed journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 15,405 articles. Complimentary access back to 1999, where available, is included while the current collection subscription is maintained.

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Sonia Kumar

Sonia Kumar

Sonia Kumar
Executive Lead for Sage India & Director, Finance & Accounts

Medico-Legal Backfile Collection

This collection includes 14 peer-reviewed journal backfiles published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 18,000 articles. The purchase or lease of this package will include access from 1998 back to volume 1, issue 1, of each journal (where available).

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Education Collection

This collection includes 120 peer-reviewed journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 83,280 articles. Access to content from January 1999 to the present is included in a collection subscription.

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