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US Political Stats

U.S. Political Stats is a data download and visualization tool that aids researchers in finding and understanding data on the three branches of the U.S. Government (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial). Designed to be intuitive for the novice researcher yet robust enough for senior political scientists, the site allows users to create graphs, charts, and maps to allow for a quick analysis of data trends.

CQ Press Homepage

CQ Press is your first source for information on politics, policy, and people. We are the leading publisher of books, directories, subscriptions, and Web products on American politics, federal and state government, American institutions, campaigns and elections, current events, and world affairs. Our content is known for its objectivity, breadth and depth of coverage, and high standards of journalistic and editorial excellence. CQ Press is an imprint of SAGE.

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CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government

The CQ Press Encyclopedia of American Government provides answers to the full range of questions that students, government professionals, interested citizens, and other researchers have about the institutions of the U.S. government. Based on the new editions of the CQ Press American Government A to Z series, this resource offers thousands of concise, up-to-date explanations of the who, how, and why of American democracy.

Product Demos

Here is a dynamic overview of the SAGE and CQ Press Digital Products. Explore our new U.S. Political Stats database from CQ Press. Plus, delve into our award winning Research Methods tool and SAGE Journals platform powered by Atypon.

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At SAGE, we take seriously our obligation to ensure readers get to the SAGE content they need as smoothly and effectively as possible wherever their starting point and regardless of their device. We tackle discoverability for our products in 4 key areas: open web discovery, institutional discovery, specialized database discovery, and across-SAGE discovery.

Digital Products

SAGE provides researchers with a wealth of content on innovative, user-friendly online platforms. Find books and reference with ease on SAGE Knowledge, or compare complex data series with a few easy clicks on Data Planet.