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Carly Desmond

Carly Desmond is an expert primary school teacher. Carly recently presented at a national conference on the new National Curriculum for English.  Desmond, Carly

Carly Lightowlers

Carly Lightowlers is a Lecturer in Criminal Justice at Liverpool John Moores University (UK). She completed her PhD research … Twitter #Carly_LL). Lightowlers, Carly

Carli Friedman

Carli Friedman has a PhD in disability studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently … and developmental disabilities. Friedman, Carli

Meghan Busse

and environmental issues associated with cars and car purchasing …

Bernard D. McGrane

Anthropology, Society and the Other, and The Un-TV and the 10 MPH Car

Karen Lumsden

include car culture, youth, crime and deviance, moral panics, policing …

Mabey, Christopher

Christopher Mabey

Chris started his working life as an apprentice at Longbridge car plant in the heady days of industrial strife at British Leyland. Following this, he worked for a Christian charity, for British Telecom as an …