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Information For Sage Authors

If you are an author wishing to reuse material from your Sage book, please check your author agreement for any re-use terms contained within. You must provide a full citation to the original source, as well as notify any co-author(s) of the reuse.

Exploring careers at SAGE

As an academic and professional publisher, Sage offers a rich variety of career opportunities. Sage is an equal opportunity employer and subscribes to this concept as a matter of sound business policy.

Sage offers positions dedicated to Commissioning, Editorial, Marketing, Production, Publishing Services, Information Technology, Finance, Customer Service, Human Resources and Administration and other support functions. This section provides an overview of responsibilities within these areas.

Building bridges to grow publishing - SAGE YODA Press!

1 August 2015: The world’s leading independent academic publisher SAGE has joined hands with YODA Press to publish books, redefining its publishing philosophy. SAGE has always believed in playing a creative role in the society by disseminating thoughtful works of scholarship by and for educators, and other scholars globally.

Reviewer Rewards

At Sage we value the hard work and dedication of our reviewers, so we are very happy to offer the following rewards every time you review for a Sage journal:

News at SAGE

23rd Delhi Book Fair

Book Fair: 26 August – 3 September 2017

Venue: New Delhi