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Gail S. Saunders-Smith

presented across the United States and Canada and written several books and … Gail has written fifty-five books for … editor at Red Brick Learning. Her professional books, "The Ultimate Guided …

Freeman, Evelyn

Evelyn B. Freeman

Children’s Literature, and the Children’s Books column of The Reading Teacher. She has co-authored three books: Using Nonfiction Trade Books in the Elementary Classroom (1992, NCTE); Connecting Informational Children’s Books

Betty Sargeant

Betty writes and illustrates picture books and produces book apps. Her digital picture book Wayne Boris Carlo was published 2011 and was … University, Australia, to produce a multimedia interactive book app; this …

Richard Guthrie

Richard Guthrie is a researcher of print and digital book publishing … Why has the e-book revolution stalled? (Logos, 18/1, 2007), Riding the eFrenzy of 2000: Stephen King and the e-book," (Logos 17/3 …

Bonnie L. Yegidis

is also an accomplished author, having co-written several text books and contributed to chapters in eight books, as well as having produced numerous conference papers, book reviews, and articles published in peer …

Michael S. Cummings

Stanford. He has published many articles and two co-edited books on communal and utopian studies, as well as a 1999 co-edited book, The … Grassroots. His 2001 book, Beyond Political Correctness: Social …

Ziya Us Salam

sociocultural issues for the magazine besides doing book reviews. His book Till Talaq Do Us Part, a study of various divorce options available in Islam, was released in early 2018. His book Delhi 4 Shows, a study …

Mark K. Juergensmeyer

200 articles and a dozen books. His Terror in the Mind of God: The … books of the year. A previous book, The New Cold War? Religious … New York Times as one of the notable books of the year. His book on …

Lawrence H. Ganong

States). He has co-authored over 220 journal articles and book chapters as well as nine books. He and Marilyn Coleman recently finished a book that …

Handy, Femida

Femida Handy2011-2016

philanthropy and volunteering, and her recent coedited book, The Palgrave … has several award-winning publications and has coauthored five books and over 100 publications. She has also coauthored a children’s book