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How to Be a Peer Reviewer Webinar

Considering becoming a reviewer or getting more involved with peer review? Our free webinar series will guide you through the process of conducting peer review, including how to get started, basic principles of reviewing articles, what journal editors expect from reviewers, and important considerations such as research ethics and reviewer responsibilities.

Sociology Collection

This collection includes 105 peer-reviewed journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 92,455 articles. Access to content from January 1999 to the present is included in a collection subscription..

2023 Sociology Collection Title List


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Copyright and Permissions

Copyright and permissions

All our publishing is subject to international copyright legislation to protect us and you. These FAQs introduce the main points that affect you when submitting your work to Sage. They focus on the legislation of the US and the UK, both of which meet the requirements of international copyright frameworks.

Your journal’s editor, or production editor at Sage, will be able to provide further guidance, and answer questions not covered below.