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HSS Package

Discover more than 740 journals from the leading publisher in social science.

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Package provides access to 740+ journals, including leading international peer-reviewed titles, many of which are ranked in the Journal Citation Reports (Source: Clarivate, 2022)*. SAGE offers more choices—all on one familiar platform—to better suit the demands of your consortium members for SAGE journal content.

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Sage Journal Packages

Whether your library needs the full, interdisciplinary collection dating back to volume 1, issue 1, or a specific, focused collection targeted to your researchers’ interests, Sage can help you build the perfect fit by providing several journals package options to fit your libraries needs.

Selecting and Inviting Reviewers

Sourcing reviewers can be the most time-consuming part of an editor’s role. The following guidance aims to minimise the number of invites an editor must send for each manuscript and improve time to decision for our authors.

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