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Contemporary Issues in the Early Years

Contemporary Issues in the Early Years

Sixth Edition
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October 2013 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
If you are a student or practitioner in the early years sector, you need to develop a rounded understanding of key issues in this fast-moving field. This new and updated edition provides a critical examination of the essential issues in early years policy and practice. With contributions from highly regarded practitioners and researchers, this book accessibly balances theory and practical concerns.

The Sixth Edition has been extensively revised to include:
  • A new chapter on Child Protection and Safeguarding
  • Coverage of the new EYFS
  • Theory and research evidence
  • A Companion Website, highlighting further reading and current policies and frameworks
You can visit the Companion Website at  to view a video from the authors, and also access study materials including:
  • Points for discussion
  • Reflective tasks
  • Further reading
  • Web links
Bernadette Duffy
Gillian Pugh
The Policy Agenda for Early Childhood Services
Linda Uren
Facing Austerity - The Local Authority Response
Sacha Powell and Kathy Goouch
International Snapshots of Provision for Babies and Young Children
Sandra Mathers, Fiona Roberts and Kathy Sylva
Quality in Early Childhood Education
Brenda Spencer and Jan Dubiel
Inspecting and Evaluating the Quality and Standards of Early Years and Childcare Provision
Y Penny Lancaster and Perpetua Kirby
Seen and Heard: Exploring Assumptions, Beliefs and Values Underpinning Young Children's Participation
Bernadette Duffy
The Early Years Curriculum
Caron Carter and Cathy Nutbrown
The Tools of Assessment: Watching and Learning
Ann Crichton
Sure Start Children's Centres
Kate Billingham and Jacqueline Barnes
The Role of Health in Early Years Services
Iram Siraj-Blatchford
Diversity, Inclusion and Learning in the Early Years
Philippa Stobbs, Elizabeth Andrews and Julie Revels
Inclusion and Entitlement in the Early Years for Disabled Young Children and Young Children with Special Educational Needs
Mary Crowley and Helen Wheeler
Working with Parents
Harriet Ward and Rebecca Brown
Safeguarding Children in the Early years
Pauline Jones
Training and Workforce Issues in the Early Years
Carol Aubrey
Leading and Working in Multi-Agency Teams

Another excellent read on Contemporary issues, for students, practitioners and parents. An essential read for students studying modules in Early Childhood, but also any practitioners working with children in different contexts. The book provides a lovely in-depth critique of current contemporary issues, considering the challenges brought to the fore as a result. Nicely written and easy to engage with. Suitable for several levels.

Dr Marguerita Magennis
Early Years, Portobello College
September 30, 2021

This text contains an enlightening chapter on Facing Austerity: the Local authority Response. This is a contemporary issues that is faced by many providers in line with ongoing financial constraints and Government policy. Significantly Early Years provision is often local, this text directs the reader to understand the complexities of the role and responsibilities of the local council. This chapter is highly relevant to Early Years professionals and it is not a subject picked up across a broad range of literature. This text also examines the major reforms in education and health services.

Miss Jackie Sumner
Childhood & Youth Studies, Edge Hill University
August 25, 2017

This text covers a such as a range of relevant and interesting topics. I think that by updating the versions really stays true to its title.

Miss Alyson Lewis
Department of Educational Studies, Bath Spa University
May 12, 2016

A useful book providing a good range of issues to help develop students' breadth of understanding

Mrs Felicity Kyffin
School Of Education, Bangor University
July 3, 2015

A highly recommended text for Early Childhood Studies undergraduate courses, the authors cast a critical eye over the issues facing the Early Years sector.

Mrs Tracey Herbert
University Centre, Petroc
July 2, 2015

very detailed book that explored current issues both within England and internationally. I have already recommend this books to colleagues.

Mrs Caroline Larmour
University of Cumbria, University of Cumbria
June 9, 2015

An informative read, with some useful issues explained and analysed.

Mrs Gail Parker
SWWCTE, University of Wales, Trinity St David
May 29, 2015

Current themes and debates expertly put into context and critiqued from many angles. Excellent for anyone studying Early Years.

Miss Jo Button
Education , South Devon College
August 27, 2015

I received an e-inspection copy of this textbook and found it really accessible. There are plenty of case studies and current and historical perspectives on early childhood; a useful supplementary text but is highly recommended for level 4 students.

Miss Catherine Farnon
Faculty of Community Studies, Highlands College
April 6, 2015

Really helpful introductory book for 1st year students to focus their thinking about ECS

Dr Sally Howe
School Of Education, Roehampton University
March 12, 2015

Gillian Pugh

Bernadette Duffy