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Contemporary Issues and the 21st Century Child

Contemporary Issues and the 21st Century Child
New Perspectives on Childhood

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240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book is essential reading for any Early Years or Early Childhood Studies student. Bringing you up-to-date with latest developments and key issues, this book helps you to understand the child in relation to society. The book is divided into three parts which focus on the influence on childhood, children’s experiences and  children’s mind, with topics including:


·       the Digital Child

·       Childhood and Crime

·       The refugee crisis

·       Working therapeutically with Children


Taking a fresh approach, this book introduces the reader to interdisciplinary approaches to child development and extends thinking outside the traditional topics. 
Sandra Lyndon
Childhood in the 21st century
Part I: Influences on Childhood
Lianna Wilding and Sandra Lyndon
Understanding Children’s Behaviour in Early Childhood
Eva Mikuska and Andre Kurowski
The Digital Child
Andre Kurowski
Childhood and Crime
Sandra Lyndon
Family, grandparents and intergenerational practice
Part II: Children's Experiences
Helen Moss
Safeguarding children: the case for early help in the early years
Debra Laxton and Linda Cooper
Global Refugee crisis: focus on the child
Becky Edwards and Heather Green
Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) – breaking down barriers and accessing learning
Suzanna McGregor
Health inequalities and well being
Marie Price
Childhood, loss and bereavement
Part III: Children's Minds
Carol Lloyd
Dreaming the child awake
Becky Edwards
Emotional Safety
Chris Smethurst
Childhood and resilience
Sam McNally
Working therapeutically with children
Andre Kurowski
Futures of childhood

Andre Kurowski

Andre Kurowski is a senior lecturer and teaches and coordinates on childhood programmes at the University of Chichester. His interests are in social science aspects of childhood including crime and childhood, and the 'digital child' i.e., children in a digital world.  His research covers leadership in education and socio-cultural issues in language, and he is a regular contributor to European journals. More About Author

Sandra Lyndon

Sandra Lyndon is a reader in Childhood and Social Policy at the University of Chichester. She teaches on a range of Childhood undergraduate programmes as well as taking a lead on supporting research within the department. She is co-chair of the Centre for Childhood in Childhood, Inclusion and Society (CECIS). She is both a qualified teacher and an educational psychologist. She completed her doctoral studies at the University of Sussex and her research interests include poverty, homelessness, mindfulness, child centred approaches, intergenerational practice, and narrative methodologies.   More About Author