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Contemporary Field Social Work

Contemporary Field Social Work
Integrating Field and Classroom Experience

June 2010 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Thisátext bridges the gap by offering learning activities that can be worked in both settings. The book is divided into four main parts that accounts for the major areas of social work practice. Part I covers the foundations of practice, including self awareness and knowing and learning about the community within one will practice. The second part deals with direct practice and covers individual assessment and group work. The third part focuses on agency practice and finally the last part covers special issues for consideration, including multicultural practice, law-informed practice, ethics, specialist and comparative practice.
Part I. Foundations of Practice
Context: Where Does Learning Take Place?

1. Learning About Service Users and Their Communities
About Activity 1: Permission to Learn

2. Learning About Yourself
About Activity 2: Points of View

3. Learning About Your Role
About Activity 3: Boundaries

4. Learning About Value Conflicts and Ethical Dilemmas
About Activity 4: The Myth of Sisyphus

Part II. Direct Practice
Context: Interdisciplinary Learning and Practice

5. Preparation
About Activity 5: Starting Out

6. Generating Options
About Activity 6: Open Ends

7. Making Assessments in Partnership
About Activity 7: Hold the Front Page

8. Working in and With Groups
About Activity 8: No One Is an Island

Part III. Agency Practice
Context: Creative Practice and Procedural Requirements

9. Making Priorities
About Activity 9: Home Truths

10. Managing Resources
About Activity 10: Travel Agent

11. Accountability
About Activity 11: Held to Account

12. Challenging Situations and Resolving Conflicts
About Activity 12: Dial "D" for Danger

Part IV. Themes of Practice
Context: Social Workers as Researchers: Evaluating Practice

13. Multicultural Practice
About Activity 13: The Drawbridge

14. Law-Informed Practice
About Activity 14: A-Z of the Law: Spirit and Letter

15. Generalist and Specialist Practice
About Activity 15: Essence of Social Work

16. Comparative Social Work
About Activity 16: View From Another Place...Another Time

About the Authors

Though text was a great resource, I adopted another text that tied Field Education to the Core Competencies and corresponding Practice Behaviors established by CSWE.

Professor Bruce Reeves
Social Work Dept, University of North Dakota
February 1, 2012

Mark Doel

Mark Doel, PhD, MA (Oxon), CQSW is Research Professor of Social Work at Sheffield Hallam University. He is a registered social worker and was in practice for almost twenty years, including two separate years living and working in the US. His research focuses on groupwork, social work practice and practice education and he has an international reputation in these fields. Professor Doel is widely published. His fifteenth book, Social Work Placements: a traveller's guide (Routledge) introduces readers to Socialworkland, a travel guide approach to practice learning. Other recent books include: Educating Professionals: practice learning in... More About Author

Steven M. Shardlow

Professor Steven M. Shardlow MA(Oxon), MSc (Oxon), PhD, CQSW, AASW, RSW, FHEA, Professor Shardlow is Foundation holder of the Chair of Social Work at the University of Salford, England, where until recently he was Director of the Institute for Health and Social Care Research. He has held visiting professorial appointments in Norway, Italy, and Hong Kong: Previously, he was Director of a U.K. social work masters professional qualification programme. He is founding Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Social Work. Previously chairperson of The Association of Teachers of Social Work Education (ATSWE- U.K.), he has worked as a social work... More About Author

Paul G. Johnson

Paul G. Johnson, DSW, LCSW is an Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Southern Maine. He is a licensed social worker in the State of Maine. Prior to coming to USM, Dr. Johnson worked at Lehman College, CUNY where he was the fieldwork coordinator for the BSW program. For several years, Dr. Johnson was affiliated with Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA) in New York City. His responsibilities included the agency owned Group and Boarding Home Programs. Prior to joining JCCA, Professor Johnson worked for United Cerebral Palsy Association of NYS, where he was a social worker for 42 dual-diagnosed clients in a residential... More About Author

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