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Contemporary Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy

Contemporary Cases in U.S. Foreign Policy
From Terrorism to Trade

Fourth Edition
Edited by:

October 2010 | 520 pages | CQ Press
Competing to shape U.S. foreign policy, many actors—from the president and members of Congress to interest groups, NGOs, and the media—influence policy outcomes and subsequent implementation. In this new fourth edition, editor Ralph G. Carter captures this strategic interplay with 15 real-world cases; four brand-new cases examine the global financial crisis, U.S.-Russian relations, Somali pirates, and the U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. Fully updated, all cases have been revised to reflect recent world events, including new Obama administration policies.

Whether grappling with renewed pressure to reform U.S. immigration laws or with a multilateral approach to North Korea's nuclear weapons program, the case method encourages readers to question motives, consider alternatives, and analyze outcomes. Each case is consistently structured with a list of "before you begin" questions, which help bring key issues into focus; introductory and background sections for context; a timeline of important events; and a descriptive list of key actors.

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Ralph G. Carter

Ralph G. Carter is Piper Professor of Texas, Professor, and former Chair of the Department of Political Science at Texas Christian University. His areas of specialization include international relations and comparative foreign policy analysis, with a particular emphasis on the domestic sources of foreign policy. He is the author, coauthor, editor, or coeditor of eight books or monographs (including this one), as well as more than 50 articles, book chapters, review essays, and other professional publications. He has been an invited scholar to universities in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. In addition to serving on the... More About Author

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