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Consumer Research Methods

Consumer Research Methods

Four Volume Set
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April 2013 | 1 680 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Ever since its conception some 40 years ago, consumer research has been the channel through which innovations in social science, social and cultural theory and the arts have entered the marketing discipline. With each transformation and interjection of new ideas, discourses and approaches, consumer research has also translated a whole tradition and variety of method into marketing theory and research practice.

This collection offers a comprehensive and illuminating overview of the main methods used in consumer research and outlines the main theoretical, conceptual and historical debates that are relevant to the area. It highlights the full range of methodological considerations, from questionnaire design through to analyzing qualitative data, as well as discussing the progression and development of the field from its initial conception as a relatively coherent and unified sub-discipline through to the diverse community of methods today.

Morris Holbrook
A Brief History of Morris the Cat
Sidney Levy
Roots of Marketing and Consumer Research at the University of Chicago
Eric Arnould and Craig Thompson
Consumer Culture Theory (CCT)
Twenty Years of Research

Mark Tadajewski
Remembering Motivation Research
Toward an Alternative Genealogy of Interpretive Consumer Research

Pauline MacLaran, Margaret Hogg and Alan Bradshaw
Cultural Influences on Representations of the Consumer in Marketing Theory
Alice Tybout and Nancy Artz
Consumer Psychology Annual Review of Psychology
Andrea Davies and James Fitchett
Beyond Incommensurability? Empirical Expansion on Diversity in Research
Christina Goulding
Grounded Theory, Ethnography and Phenomenology
A Comparative Analysis of Three Qualitative Strategies for Marketing Research

Richard Wilk
Consuming Morality
Shelby Hunt
Positivism and Paradigm Dominance in Consumer Research
Toward Critical Pluralism and Rapprochement

George Zinkhan and Rudy Hirschheim
Truth in Marketing Theory and Research
An Alternative Perspective

Timothy Heath
The Reconciliation of Humanism and Positivism in the Practice of Consumer Research
A View from the Trenches

Evert Gummesson
Qualitative Research in Marketing
Road Map for a Wilderness of Complexity and Unpredictability

Susan Spiggle
Analysis and Interpretation of Qualitative Data in Consumer Research
William Wells
The Perils of N = 1
Russell Winer
Experimentation in the 21st Century
The Importance of External Validity

Margaret Hogg and Pauline Maclaran
Rhetorical Issues in Writing Interpretivist Consumer Research
Keith Roberts, Sajeev Varki and Rod Brodie
Measuring the Quality of Relationships in Consumer Services
An Empirical Study

David Gerbing and James Anderson
An Updated Paradigm for Scale Development Incorporating Unidimensionality and Its Assessment
Adamantios Diamantopoulos and Heidi Winklhofer
Index Construction with Formative Indicators
An Alternative to Scale Development

Jacqueline Eastman, Ronald Goldsmith and Leisa Reinecke Flynn
Status Consumption in Consumer Behavior
Scale Development and Validation

Jillian Sweeney and Geoffrey Soutar
Consumer Perceived Value
The Development of a Multiple-Item Scale

Gordon Bruner
Combating Scale Proliferation
Rob Lawson and Sarah Todd
Consumer Lifestyles
A Social Stratification Perspective

Kim Shyan Fam, David Waller and B. Zafer Erdogan
The Influence of Religion on Attitudes towards the Advertising of Controversial Products
Jacqueline Kacen and Julie Anne Lee
The Influence of Culture on Consumer Impulsive Buying Behavior
Pierre Chandon, Vicki Morwitz and Werner Reinartz
Do Intentions Really Predict Behavior? Self-Generated Validity Effects in Survey Research
Hans Baumgartner and Jan-Benedict Steenkamp
Response Styles in Marketing Research
A Cross-National Investigation

Collin Payne and Brian Wansink
Quantitative Approaches to Consumer Field Research
Hans Baumgartner and Christian Homburg
Applications of Structural Equation Modeling in Marketing and Consumer Research
A Review

Shumaila Yousafza, Gordon Foxall and John Pallister
Explaining Internet Banking Behavior
Theory of Reasoned Action, Theory of Planned Behavior or Technology Acceptance Model?

Man Kit Chang
Predicting Unethical Behavior
A Comparison of the Theory of Reasoned Action and the Theory of Planned Behavior

Robert Ping Jr.
On Assuring Valid Measures for Theoretical Models Using Survey Data
Cheryl Burke Jarvis, Scott MacKenzie and Philip Podsakoff
A Critical Review of Construct Indicators and Measurement Model Misspecification in Marketing and Consumer Research
Torben Hansen
Perspectives on Consumer Decision-Making
An Integrated Approach

Aric Rindfleisch, James Burroughs and Nancy Wong
The Safety of Objects
Materialism, Existential Insecurity and Brand Connection

Klaus Wertenbroch and Ravi Dhar
Consumer Choice between Hedonic and Utilitarian Goods
Sanjeev Agarwal and R. Kenneth Teas
Perceived Value
Mediating Role of Perceived Risk

Richard Beltramini
Student Surrogates in Consumer Research Journal
Barbara Fasolo, Gary McClelland and Peter Todd
Escaping the Tyranny of Choice
When Fewer Attributes Make Choice Easier

Catherine Grandclément and Gérald Gaglio
Convoking the Consumer in Person
The Focus Group Effect

David Marshall, Stephanie O'Donohoe and Stephen Kline
Families, Food and Pester Power
Beyond the Blame Game?

William McDonald
Focus Group Research Dynamics and Reporting
An Examination of Research Objectives and Moderator Influences

Johanna Moisander, Anu Valtonen and Heidi Hirsto
Personal Interviews in Cultural Consumer Research
Post?Structuralist Challenges

Russell Belk and G lnur Tumbat
The Cult of Macintosh
Susan Fournier
Consumers and Their Brands
Developing Relationship Theory in Consumer Research

Craig Thompson, Howard Pollio and William Locander
The Spoken and the Unspoken
An Hermeneutic Approach to Understanding the Cultural Viewpoints That Underlie Consumers' Expressed Meanings

Søren Askegaard, Martine Cardel Gertsen and Roy Langer
The Body Consumed
Reflexivity and Cosmetic Surgery

Stephen Gould
Unpacking the Many Faces of Introspective Consciousness
A Meta-Cognitive-Post-Structuralist Exercise

Morris Holbrook
Consumption Experience, Customer Value and Subjective Personal Introspection
An Illustrative Photographic Essay

Mary Ann McGrath, John Sherry Jr. and Sidney Levy
Giving Voice to the Gift
The Use of Projective Techniques to Recover Lost Meanings

Arch Woodside
Advancing from Subjective to Confirmatory Personal Introspection in Consumer Research
Andrea Davies and Richard Elliott
The Evolution of the Empowered Consumer
Breda Luthar
Remembering Socialism
On Desire, Consumption and Surveillance

Risto Moisio, Eric Arnould and Linda Price
Between Mothers and Markets
Constructing Family Identity through Homemade Food

Ronald Paul Hill, Elizabeth Hirschman and John Bauman
Consumer Survival during the Great Depression
Reports from the Field

Christina Goulding, Avi Shankar and Richard Elliott
Working Weeks, Rave Weekends
Identity Fragmentation and the Emergence of New Communities

Lisa Penaloza
Just Doing It
A Visual Ethnographic Study of Spectacular Consumption Behavior at Nike Town

Bernard Cova and Véronique Cova
Tribal Aspects of Postmodern Consumption Research
The Case of French In?Line Roller Skaters

Dannie Kjeldgaard
Youth Identities in the Global Cultural Economy
Central and Peripheral Consumer Culture in Denmark and Greenland

Özlem Sandikci and G liz Ger
Veiling in Style
How Does a Stigmatized Practice Become Fashionable?

Pauline Maclaran and Stephen Brown
The Future Perfect Declined
Utopian Studies and Consumer Research

Alladi Venkatesh
A New Paradigm to Study Cultural and Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior

Robert Kozinets
The Field behind the Screen
Using Netnography for Marketing Research in Online Communities

Barbara Stern and Cristel Russell
Consumer Responses to Product Placement in Television Sitcoms
Genre, Sex and Consumption

Jonathan Schroeder and Detlev Zwick
Mirrors of Masculinity
Representation and Identity in Advertising Images

Elizabeth C. Hirschman, Linda Scott and William B. Wells
A Model of Product Discourse
Linking Consumer Practice to Cultural Texts

Stephen Brown
Marketing and Literature
The Anxiety of Academic Influence

Robert Caruana, Andrew Crane and James Fitchett
Paradoxes of Consumer Independence
A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Independent Traveller


James Fitchett

Andrea Davies

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