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Consumer Behavior I

Consumer Behavior I
Research and Influences

Three Volume Set
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June 2005 | 1 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This landmark work contains classic and contemporary writings, including the most widely cited and influential papers that examine consumer behavior as a field of study. The first volume addresses the question: "how do we study consumers?" and provides the theoretical and historical context for the debates about consumer behavior research captured in the following volumes. The second volume examines consumer decision-making, and the third volume examines consumer socialization, concentrating particularly on studies of childhood, children and family consumer behavior.
Anat Alon, Maureen Morrin and Nada Nasr Bechwati
Comparing Journal of Consumer Psychology and Journal of Consumer Research
Paul F Anderson
On Method in Consumer Research
A Critical Relativist Perspective

Stephen J Arnold and Eileen Fischer
Hermeneutics and Consumer Research
J Bristor and E Fischer
Feminist Thought
Implications for Consumer Research

B J Calder and A M Tybout
What Consumer Research Is
Colin Campbell
The New Wave of Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Elizabeth Hirschman and Morris B Holbrook
Hedonic Consumption
Emerging Concepts, Methods and Propositions

L A Hudson and J Ozanne
Alternative Ways of Seeking Knowledge in Customer Research
Shelby Hunt
Positivist and Paradigm Dominance in Consumer Research
Towards a Critical Pluralism and Rapprochement

J Sidney Levy
Interpreting Consumer Mythology
A Structural Approach to Consumer Behavior

J Sidney Levy
Roots of Marketing and Consumer Research at the University of Chicago
David Glen Mick
Consumer Research and Semiotics
Exploring the Morphology of Signs, Symbols and Significance

J Paul Peter
Philosophical Tension in Consumer Inquiry
Itamar Simonson et al
Consumer Research
In Search of Identity

Craig J Thompson, William Locander and Howard R Pollio
Putting Experience Back into Consumer Research
The Philosophy and Method of Existential Phenomenology

Frank Trentmann
Beyond Consumerism
New Historical Perspectives on Consumption

William Wells
Discovery-Orientated Consumer Research
Sharon Zukin and Jennifer Smith Maguire
Consumer and Consumption
J R Bettman, M F Luce and J W Payne
Constructive Consumer Choice Processes
J M Feldman and J R Lynch
Self-Generated Validity and Other Effects of Measurement on Belief, Attitude, Intention and Behaviour
S Fournier and D Mick
Rediscovering Satisfaction
Stephen J Hoch
Product Experience is Seductive
Stephen J Hoch and John Deighton
Managing What Consumers Learn from Experience
C Janiszewski
Preconscious Processing Effects
The Independence of Attitude Formation and Conscious Thought

Frank R Kardes and Gurumurthy Kalyanaram
Order of Entry Effects on Consumer Memory and Judgment
An Information Integration Perspective

Mary Frances Luce
Choosing to Avoid
Coping with Negatively Emotion-Laden Consumer Decisions

Stephen M Nowlis and Itamar Simonson
The Effect of New Product Features on Brand Choice
Richard L Oliver
Whence Consumer Loyalty?
Stijn M J van Osselaer and J W Alba
Consumer Learning and Brand Equity
Mita Sujan
Consumer Knowledge Effects on Evaluation Strategies Mediating Consumer Judgements
Gerry M Armstrong and Merrie Brucks
Dealing with Children's Advertising
Public Policy Issues and Alternatives

Les Carson, Sanford Grossbart and J Kathleen Stuenkel
The Role of Parental Socialization Types on Differential Family Communication Patterns Regarding Consumption
Les Carlson, Russell N Laczniak and A Walsh
Socializing Children about Television
An Intergenerational Study

T L Childers and A R Rao
The Influence of Families and Peer-Based Reference Groups on Consumer Decisions
Dan T Cook
Spatial Biographies of Children's Consumption
Market Places and Spaces of Childhood in the 1930s and beyond

Ellen R Foxman, Patriya S Tansuhaj and Karin M Ekstrom
Family Members' Perceptions of Adolescents' Influence in Family Decision-Making
Jennifer Gregan-Paxton and Deborah Roedder John
The Emergence of Adaptive Decision-Making in Children
Deborah Roedder John and Mita Sujan
Age Differences in Product Categorization
Deborah Roedder John and Ramnath Lakshmi-Ratan
Age Differences in Children's Choice Behavior
The Impact of Available Alternatives

Deborah John Roedder
Consumer Socialization of Children
A Retrospective Look at 25 Years of Research

Carole Macklin
Pre-Schoolers' Learning of Brand Names from Visual Cues
Mary C Martin
Children's Understanding of the Intent of Advertising
A Meta-Analysis

Elizabeth S Moore, William L Wilkie and Richard J Lutz
Passing the Torch
Intergenerational Influences as a Source of Brand Equity

George P Moschis
The Role of Family Communication in Consumer Socialization of Children and Adolescents
George P Moschis and G A Churchill
Consumer Socialization
A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis

K M Palan
Relationships between Family Communication and Consumer Activities of Adolescents
An Exploratory Study

L A Peracchio
How Do Young Children Learn to Be Consumers? A Script-Processing Approach

Margaret Hogg