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Constructive Conflict Management

Constructive Conflict Management
Asia-Pacific Cases

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Fred E. Jandt - California State University, San Bernardino (Retired)
  • Paul B. Pedersen - Syracuse University (Emeritus); University of Hawaii (Visiting) , Maastricht School of Management

312 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Styles of conflict management vary across cultures. This unique volume uses cases drawn from the Asian and Pacific Island area to illustrate culture's role in conflict mediation. The contributors focus in particular on how conflict within and between cultures can be successfully mediated on the micro-level (businesses and individuals) and how this success can be applied on the macro-level (government and organizations).

The cases examined in Constructive Conflict Management cover a variety of conflict types including: regional/cultural; nuclear and extended family; environmental; and neighbourhood disputes. The book reveals that, rather than a barrier, culture can prove to be a positive resource for the mediation of multicultural conflict.

Kevin P Clements, Gordon Hein, Johan Saravanamuttu
Paul B Pederson and Fred E Jandt
Culturally Contextual Models for Creative Conflict Management
Wan Halim Othman
Community Mediation in Malaysia
A Pilot Program for the Department of National Unity

Shir-Shing Huang
The Reconciliation System of the Republic of China
Maraya de Jesus Chebat
The Moral Recovery Program as a Political Tool for Social Transformation in the Philippines
Michelle LeBaron
Culture and Conflict in Canada
Tradition and Transition

Madaripur Legal Aid Association
Nabin and Nasima
A Clash of Hindu and Muslim Communities

Madaripur Legal Aid Association
Khukumoni and Masud
Living Happily Now

Madaripur Legal Aid Association
Rawshan Ara
The Victim of Polygamy

Xue Wang
Conflict over the Role of Women in Contemporary China
Prospects for Liberation and Resolution

Julie Forster Smith
The Effects of Tribal Wars on Personal and Family Disputes in Papua New Guinea
Ariya Rubasinghe
Mediation, an Effective Way of Conflict Resolution
Sri Lanka Experience

Madaripur Legal Aid Association
Ishaq Gets Back Land after 40 Years
Chalidaporn Songsamphan
Vendetta and Buddhist Mediator in Southern Thailand
Jae Hyun Yoo
Tiger Saves Taiga
Saving the Siberian Ecosystem from Hyundai's Logging Operations

Gurmit Singh
Toxic Waste Management in Malaysia
Masaki Yokoyama
The Dumping of Industrial Waste in Teshima, Japan
Gauri Pradhan
Child Labor in Nepal's Carpet Industries
Nacha Worawatanamateekul
Arbitration in Thailand
Lu Guojiang
China and Japan Dispute Copyright of `Ultraman' Toys
Lu Guojiang
Han and Hui and a Shared Cooking Stove
Lu Guojiang
Citizens' Right to Their Reputation
Jagadish C Pokharel
Manakamana Village's Demand for Drinking Water
Pauline Tangiora
An Indigenous Perspective on an Aspect of Reconciliation
Eduardo C Tadem
Philippine Rural Development and Indigenous Communities
Aytas and the Sacobia Project

Jayadeva Uyangoda
Recent Attempt at Ethnic Conflict Resolution in Sri Lanka
Fred E Jandt and Paul B Pedersen
The Cultural Context of Mediation and Constructive Conflict Management

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Fred Edmund Jandt

Fred E. Jandt was born of second-generation German immigrants in the multicultural south-central region of Texas. After graduating from Texas Lutheran University and Stephen F. Austin State University, he received his doctorate in communication from Bowling Green State University. He has taught and been a student of intercultural communication for more than 40 years, developing his experience through travel and international training and research projects. While professor of communication at The College at Brockport, State University of New York, his reputation as a teacher led to his appointment as SUNY’s first director of faculty... More About Author

Paul B. Pedersen

Paul B. Pedersen is a visiting professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hawaii and professor emeritus at Syracuse University. He has taught at the University of Minnesota, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and for six years at universities in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Pedersen was also on the summer school faculty at Harvard University, 1984-988 and the University of Pittsburgh “semester at sea” voyage around the world, spring 1992. International experience includes numerous consulting experiences in Asia, Australia, Africa, South America and Europe, and a Senior Fulbright award teaching at National Taiwan... More About Author

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