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Constructing Bangladesh

Constructing Bangladesh
Religion, Ethnicity and Language in an Islamic Nation

First Edition

September 2006 | 250 pages | SAGE Vistaar
Highlighting the dynamic, pluralistic nature of Islamic civilization, Sufia Uddin examines the complex history of Islamic state formation in Bangladesh. Uddin focuses on significant moments in the region`s history from medieval to modern times, examining the interplay of language, popular and scholarly religious literature, and the colonial experience as they contributed to the creation of a unique Bengali-Islamin identity.
Foreword Carl W Ernst and Bruce B Lawrence

Carl W Ernst and Bruce B Lawrence

Note on Transliteration


Islamic Themes in Premodern Bengali Literature and Life

Nineteenth-Century Religious Reform Movements

Breaking New Ground and Transgressing Boundaries

Bengali or Bangladeshi?: The Conflict between Religious and Ethnic Nationalisms

The Contested Place of Nation in Umma and Globalizing Efforts

Epilogue. Competing Visions of Community





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Sufia M Uddin

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