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Consensus Organizing

Consensus Organizing
Building Communities of Mutual Self Interest

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January 2007 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The first new form of community organizing since Saul Alinsky, this book connects the poor to the rest of society. Written in a logical, teachable, and pragmatic style, Consensus Organizing: Building Communities of Mutual Self Interest is a model of social change for the 21st century. Through real examples, author Mike Eichler illustrates how anyone can practice consensus organizing and help the poor, forgotten, and disempowered. Key Features: Makes the experience of consensus organizing come alive: Many illustrative case studies that are both poignant and humorous show readers how key concepts are applied to real-life situations. The author shares his twenty-five years of experience as a community organizer, including the development of a national effort to train young people as consensus organizers in diverse locations such as Las Vegas, New Orleans, and New York City. Demonstrates how consensus organizing can be applied to a variety of settings: The impact of cultural diversity on the consensus-building process is presented around a number of crucial issues such as public education, housing, economic development, health, and crime. This book shows new methods to bring seemingly opposite people together, forming partnerships never before believed possible. Gives readers an opportunity to learn more about themselves: This text shows a way to help in a style that can bring out everyoneÆs talents and commitment to help others. Unlike most texts, this book acknowledges the emotions whether conflicting or inspiring that lie behind a commitment to community organizing. Reflection questions are included to help students prove to themselves that they have the ability to practice consensus organizing. Intended Audience: This is an ideal core textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses such as Community Organizing, Social Problems, Introduction to Urban Planning, Contemporary Urban Issues, Community Health, and Community Based Policing in the fields of Social Work, Sociology, Planning and Public Administration, Public Health, and Criminal Justice. It is also a practical, straight-forward guide for anyone interested in a new method of creating social change.
Ch 1. Community Organizing: Conflict and Consensus
Ch 2. Evolution of Consensus Organizing
Ch 3. Issues Analysis
Ch 4. Program Design
Ch 5. Cultural Competency in Consensus Organizing
Ch 6. Consensus Organizing Strategy and Tactics
Ch 7. Developing External Relationships
Ch 8. Forming Partnerships
Ch 9. Building Personal Relationship
Ch 10.Building Institutional Relationships
Ch 11. Developing Young Organizers
Ch 12. Using Consensus Organizing in Other Professions
Ch 13. The Future of Consensus Organizing
"Answers" to Reflection Questions

"Eichler's new book is a very engaging summary of the consensus method of organizing which he pioneered. Not only is the book informative, but it reads like an extended chat over a hot cup of coffee in Mitchell's diner in the Mon Valley. Eichler's voice in this text is impassioned, analytical, and humorous all at once. He has mastered the art of conveying complicated ideas through the use of memorable and enthralling stories. Eichler has a story teller's eye for just the right details to make the reader feel as though one is on a journey through the multi-faceted terrain of organizing, yet he never strays far from the lesson he intends to convey. Eichler also has a passion for social justice, but he does not come off as being preachy or ideological. This has been one of the keys to his success in organizing."

C. Matthew Hawkins
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Michael P. Eichler

Mike Eichler is Professor of Social Work at San Diego State University where he is also Director of the Consensus Organizing Center. He has an extensive background in community organizing and development in numerous cities including Chattanooga, Atlanta, Boston, Fort Worth, Kansas City and San Diego. He is a former President of the Consensus Organizing Institute (COI) a national non-profit that trains local organizers, develops programs and provides strategic assistance to organizations working on a wide range of community agendas using Consensus Organizing techniques.   More About Author

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