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Connecting the Dots Between Education, Interests, and Careers, Grades 7–10

Connecting the Dots Between Education, Interests, and Careers, Grades 7–10
A Guide for School Practitioners

First Edition

February 2018 | 144 pages | SAGE AdvantEDGE
Because our students' futures are at stake

We know all too well that without college or career training, our students' job prospects may be severely limited. But if you ask any middle-schooler about life after high school, too many respond with a bored look or noncommittal shrug. Here's how to explain the real world when your students just don't want to listen or aren't aware of the importance of their education. This must-have book for any middle school teacher or counselor provides:

-Conversation starters for communicating the importance of college or career training

-Talking points and discussion questions to uncover students' interests

-Quizzes and reflections to get students planning

Suggested Use Directions
About the Data
Topic 1. Education: The Key to Your Future
Topic 2. More Education = Better-Paying Jobs
Topic 3. Studying, Learning, and Getting Good Grades
Topic 4. School Subjects and How They Relate to Careers
Topic 5. Ready or Not: High School, Here We Come
Topic 6. How Interests Now Spark Careers Later
Topic 7. Navigating to the Job of Your Dreams
Topic 8. There Are So Many Jobs. How Do I Decide?
Topic 9. College Life: Much More Than Studying and Classes, It's Fun!
Connecting the Dots

Sarah M. Klerk

Sarah M. Klerk is an expert of workforce development. In her work with Workforce Strategy Center, she helped communities develop career pathways. Prior to her work with WSC, Sarah worked at the Chicago Jobs Council to ensure access to employment and career advancement opportunities for people living in poverty. It was from Sarah’s work at the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, where she conducted research on workforce, economic, and educational development and worked with community stakeholders to improve the economy through educational and workforce development, that she gained a passion for helping students understand the... More About Author


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