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Conflict Dialogue

Conflict Dialogue
Working With Layers of Meaning for Productive Relationships

July 2006 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book provides a clear, systematic, theoretically grounded discussion that enables the readers to analyze and manage conflicts based on their tangible and symbolic meanings.

Using personal stories from real conflicts in the workplace, intimate relationships, friendships, families and communities to illustrate the various ways conflict interconnect this book offers theoretical discussions that are balanced with methodological implications for working with, and resolving, conflicts.

Part I: Conflict Stories, Dialogue, and Negotiation: Concepts and Techniques
1: Stories and the Meaning of Conflicts
2: From Meaning---to Dialogic Negotiation---to New Meaning
3: Language as the Fabric of Conflict---and the Foundation for Dialogic Negotiation
Part II: Conflict Stories and the Negotiation of Relationship Dynamics
4: We Belong Together but We Still Have Conflict: Negotiating Synchronicity in Relationships
5: Where Do We Go From Here? Negotiating Through---and Learning From---Crossroads Moments in Relationships
Part III: Stories and the Psychodynamics of Conflict
6: What Is This Really About? Working With Displacement in Conflict Communication
7: What Do We Represent to Each Other? Understanding Projection and Negotiating Conflict
Part IV: Using Story Dynamics to Understand and Negotiate Conflict
8: Heroes and Sheroes, Villians, Victims, and Fools: Using Story Archetypes to Understand Conflicts
9: Learning to Tell the Next Chapter: Story Archetypes and the Negotiation and Mediation of New Meanings in Conflicts
10: Putting It All Together: From an Old Story---to a New Meaning---to a New Story
About the Author

"Overall, the book has interesting ideas for using a narrative approach to examining conflict stories" —CONTEMPORARY PSYCHOLOGY

Richard W. Ackley

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Chapter 3

Chapter 7

Chapter 9

Peter M. Kellett

Peter M. Kellett (Ph.D., Southern Illinois University) is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Communication at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His research, teaching, and service focus on the narrative analysis and dialogic management of conflict as this helps people build healthier, more productive and peaceful relationships. His most recent publication is, “Dialectical Tensions and Dialogic Moments as Pathways to Peak Experiences” (with H.L. Goodall, Jr.), in R. Anderson, L.A. Baxter, & K.N. Cissna (2004), Dialogue: Theorizing Differences in Communication Studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications. More About Author

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